Innovating with Agility and Resilience


IDC & IBM Webinar - Enhancing Core Business Applications


26. November.

Time: 09:30 - 10:30


Organized by IDC and IBM

European organisations are recognizing the need to enhance their core business applications more now than ever, to make them more adaptive, user friendly and resilient to the business challenges faced today. Many are turning to modern application techniques like DevOps, intelligent process automation (IPA) and the cloud, but need to do far more.  

In 2020, over half of Nordic firms want to expand use of external contractual relationships with software development providers, and also want to build and exploit co-creation models that enable them to accelerate their access to innovation.

Innovation needs to be balanced with the need to transform outdated underlying systems and processes, access to the right skills and overcome the disconnect that often exists between IT and the line of business, where a lot of this innovation needs to be delivered. It's a real opportunity for enterprises that 'get it' and are able to turn current adversity into opportunity. This makes enhancing core business applications one of the most critical factors facing enterprises.

IDC's research director for European Intelligent Application Services John O'Brien and IBM's Global CTO for SAP services Allan Coulter will dig into the challenges and opportunities of enhancing your core business applications, and shed light on questions like:

  • What does enhancing core business applications entail?
  • Why must we look at intelligent process automation (IPA) to extend into the business?
  • What is the role for DevOps and continuous innovation?
  • How do we execute against these complex and seemingly competing needs?