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13. - 15. May.

Time: 08:00 - 17:00


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AI is too important

Within a few years, Artificial Intelligence has moved from research only to applied AI and then to the whole society. That has opened a wide range of questions, tasks and challenges.

  • How can we design unbiased systems?

  • Should AIs have emotions?

  • How do we regulate and control AIs?

  • Will I lose my job?

Artificial Intelligence become so complex, that we need everyone to solve the challenges and provide answers.

Don’t wait that others do something about it. Be involved yourself and see AI as an opportunity.

Now it the time to set the grounding for a beneficial human machine coexistance.

Become involved

Rise of AI provides you the right platform to learn, adapt and understand Artificial Intelligence.

From invite-only dinners, to exhibitions, side events, networking sessions, award gala, party to the conference. There are many ways to become involved and participate.

We invite everyone, who has questions and answers.

Rise of AI is perfect to be inspired and challenge your widen your thinking. Rise of AI is great to meet new people, do business, find jobs, recruit talents, discuss and improve.

Together we will draft recommendations for society, policymakers and companies for the age of the thinking machines.


Deutsche Telekom’s Representative Office
Französische Straße 33
10117 Berlin

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Rise of AI