Flight tracking hackathon with Jack Sweeney

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Jack Sweeney, the young developer behind ElonJet, will host a on 6 June, offering invaluable insights into the skillset required to achieve similar feats.


6. June.

Time: 17:00 - 20:00


Jack Sweeney turned famous overnight when he released a bot that tweeted every time Elon Musk used his private jet – to Mr Musk’s immense frustration. But flight data can be used for much more than annoying billionaires – journalism, for instance.


Jack Sweeney joins us in this hackathon to tinker and explore different ideas related to flight data. We will go through the steps required to build a flight radar from scratch and see how you can gather live data for further analysis. Feel free to bring your own ideas.


We will serve snacks, something to drink, and the necessary tools to get started with flight tracking.


Media Lab, MCB Tower 3, 9th floor

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