Launching the Nordic 5G Consortium

Published 22.06.2020
Media City Bergen is setting up the Nordic collaboration consortium to facilitate innovation, development and commercialization of 5G services for content production and to engage in influencing 5G use and policies. Ingebrigt Lunde (former project manager at TV 2 AS) is engaged as a consultant to set up the consortium.

5G is now a reality and deploying, the potential to change the industry is huge. 5G promises enormous capacity, reliability, ultra-low latency and high speed. This will open up a wide range of opportunities and possibilities for broadcasters, publishers, telecoms and consumers.

5G offers a lot of interesting services for the media industry but will also converge other industries into the media playground. It has the inclination and potential to disrupt the media industry, as we know it. In short term, production and distribution, in long term the whole business and value chain.

Ingebrigt Lunde holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science. He has previously worked with research and development for 10 year in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), University of Bergen, establishing commercial internet in Norway and for the last 25 years in TV 2 Norway, designing and building the IP infrastructure and production and lately new production models. He was the project manager for the groundbreaking and award nominated TV 2 Hockey national wide NDI based production network system.

The Nordic 5G Consortium will be organized as a membership body organization and will be open to anyone interested in joining. 

For more information, please contact Ingebrigt Lunde at [email protected] or Morten Brandstrup [email protected].