About mcb tech .18

Published 10.04.2018
A new, future focused conference in Bergen, the media tech capital of Norway, June 21-22.

Mcb tech. 18 – where the media and finance experts meet
Mcb tech .18 is a joint initiative between the highly successful media tech cluster, and the newly established FinTech cluster in Bergen. It is a long sought-after and important conference for both the city of Bergen and the related industries. It will be a significant step in the pursuit of understanding the complex, technology-driven reality which we all must relate to. Tickets are on sale – get yours today!

A Window into the Future
Håvard Myklebust, conference initiator and chairman of the Norwegian Media Cluster, is eager to have the conference up and running.

– The timing is right – the media cluster now wishes to take another, important step in its development. The cluster has grown tremendously, and Media City Bergen is now established as our new headquarters with the Media Lab as its focal point. The core expertise of our industry-leading member companies is spreading across the globe, as well as important and game changing innovations coming out of Bergen. Now, it’s time to bring the world to Bergen, Myklebust continues.

Mcb tech .18 is a future-focused conference which will look into the crystal ball to seek to understand how different technologies will shape our future and the society of tomorrow. Myklebust emphasizes this excellent collaboration and is especially pleased that the new conference is built on a common platform.

– We’re dealing with a wide spectrum of intersecting interests and common challenges for both clusters. This conference will have sessions on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, User Experiences and Perspectives, and understanding audiences. Being able to secure an international capacity like Rumelt to join us in Bergen is a major scoop, so pay close attention as we announce additional names and speakers over the next several weeks, concludes Myklebust.

An Important Collaboration
Sparebanken Vest CEO, Jan Erik Kjerpeseth shares Myklebust’s excitement, for both the conference and the collaboration between the clusters.

– We are entering a future where most things will be open, anything can happen, and we must think bigger and broader - together. Although Norway has several times been rated one of the world’s most digitalized countries, we still don't export enough digital services out into the world. We must dare to think on a grander scale and use the advantages we have in expertise and ability to innovate.

Kjerpeseth has played a key role in the establishment of the new FinTech cluster, which in record time has positioned itself as a strong ecosystem in Western Norway. They have great ambitions.

– We have a lot of work ahead of us. New business models and structures will influence us massively in coming years, and our ability to understand technology to develop good and relevant services will be the deciding factor. I believe that we have both great opportunities and a lot of untapped potential in common.

Kjerpeseth also points to the benefits of working across different industries and leverage one another’s expertise.
– This is where the collaboration with the media cluster and NCE Media is both relevant and timely. We have seen how the media cluster has over time created a well-functioning ecosystem for innovation and product development, with an open approach and as a joint effort. With all these overlapping problems and common challenges, I believe that a joint conference where we together peer into the future, will be a very good starting point.


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