This is the Media Lab

Published 24.08.2017
MCB Media Lab - the Innovation Pulse of the Norwegian Media Cluster.

The Media Lab is a sandbox for innovation and research, as well as a hub for joint projects between industry, research facilities and R&D institutions. Housing digital platforms, a showroom, a huge workshop area, and all the best tools for innovation, the lab represents a vital tool to develop a strong industry, enhance innovation and grow future successes. In the Media Lab you will find a wide range of services and state of the art facilities, available for free for all members of the cluster. The MCB Media Lab is located in the new science park, Media City Bergen™, at the 9th floor of the south tower. 

Since opening september 2017 hundreds of people have visited MCB Media Lab, all wanting to learn about, and be part of, the unique innovation ecosystem in the Norwegian Media Cluster. The Media Lab staff have welcomed more than 150 official delegations from all corners of the world, including Presidents and Royalty

For more info on how to book and use the lab, click here.

At any given time you will find around 40 different ongoing projects in the Media Lab, involving several of our members, partners and universities; AR/VR, Graphics, Tools for 360 video, Text-to-speech, OTT, AI & Machine Learning, Robots, Blockchain, IP workflow, Broadcast Technology and Journalism.

Read about the Media Lab Projects.

Workshop for 50+ people
The workshop stations in the Media Lab comes fully equipped with all you need for you and your team to run a great workshop. You can write on all walls, you have screens and monitors for multi purpose use and it can be rigged for different types of setup. The lab also have IBM Streaming Manager installed allowing you to stream your workshops and/or events. 

In the Media Lab you can host a workshop for up to 50 people. 

Design Thinking workshop with Justin Ferrell,- one of the most popular events regularly run in the Media Lab.

Hackathon in the Media Lab - a perfect venue for creativity and great ideas.

Lab Sandbox
The lab holds technical platforms and resources available to members; A wide range of different tech for all kind of purposes, as well as open data and APIs from cluster companies and international tech partners that students, startups, researchers, teams and project developers can use as their sandbox.

Read more about the sandbox here
Open data, APIs and technical platforms for you to use. 

Let your geek loose! Open data, APIs and technical platforms for you to use in the Media Lab.


Media Lab Showroom
The lab has a showroom where the latest cluster innovations can be showcased. The lab is also a vital part of what we present to both our national and international visitors and partners. The Media Lab showroom that can be rigged for up to 100 people, depending on type of event. We use this space for seminars, tech-talks, breakfast meeting, courses and different kinds of Show&Tells. You can host your events here in collaboration with the Media Cluster organization/Media Lab staff. 

In addition to great facilities for you to use, the lab runs several programs, both for innovation, business development, business training, prototyping and research, as well as investor pitch coaching and demo days. Our close collaboration with the global network of Innovation Norway and Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) in NYC, Stanford, as well as other global innovation hubs and accelerators strengthens the lab programs, benefits our members in many ways. 

Our very own Media Lab Beer
Any great Media Lab has its own beer. The Cluster’s core expertise revolves around visualization, broadcast solutions and media technology. At the nexus of a new media industry reality is the development and application of, among other things, Artificial Intelligence. IBM is the chosen technology partner of the Cluster, and this partnership secures access for technology manufacturers to Watson, IBM’s AI platform. Of course we had to use Watson brewing our new beer. 

We had Watson analyze the Bergen people in order to come up with a set of typical characteristics. This resulted in a recipe that local brewery 7Fjell used to create the Media Lab Artificial Intelligence Retro New England Pale Ale. Cheers!

How you can use the Media Lab
MCB Media Lab is operated by the cluster organization, NCE Media. As a member of the Norwegian Media Cluster you have access to the lab and all of its facilities. Send a mail to [email protected] if you or your team want to use the media lab, or if you want to showcase your latest products/innovations in our showroom.


More photos:

Design Thinking Workshop.

A dedicated area for workshops and collaboration for you and your team to use. From left: Magdalena Krajzewicz, Viktor Olson and Sondre Johannessen

Showcase your latest innovations or run your demos for your customers or partners.

Social Zone/ Showroom

The social zone has dynamic, functional and flexible furniture that can be arranged however you like. 

Bar by the window

Angel Alexandrov and Gisle Njaastad from Vimond visiting the media lab. 

Sondre Johannessen and Angel Alexandrov.

Sondre Johannessen and Per-Øystein Zachariassen 

From left: Anne Jacobsen, Ørjan Hammersland, Ingrid Agasøster, Jan Ole Økland and Kaspar Strømme

Terje Røkenes from Filmtriks, shooting scenes in the media lab.