Tools & Methodology

Published 23.09.2019
If you want to excel at innovation, you must also master innovation methodology.

This is why the Norwegian Media Cluster works with some of the very best experts in Design Thinking, Lean, Growth Hack, Product Discovery etc. Every year these experts visits the Media Cluster to run master classes and workshop with our members. You can join Media Cluster Tools&Methodology workshops in both Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. And - these days - on online platforms. 

The Media Cluster has also developed an Innovation Leadership competence program for cluster companies together with NHH Executive.  

Design Thinking 

One of our regular experts, Justin Ferrell (Stanford University, has visited the Media Cluster on numerous occasions, sharing his expertise on Design Thinking through workshops and popup talks for our members. His workshops have proven to be hugely popular – tickets are normally sold out in just a matter of hours.

Justin Ferrell is an experienced educator and creative leader specializing in organizational culture. He has led innovation sessions for Global 500 and other prominent organizations including Colgate-Palmolive, Deutsche Telekom, Dow Jones, Facebook, Fidelity Investments, Google, Humana, Hewlett Packard, Merck, Nokia, PepsiCo, SAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Times, The United Nations, the U.S. Department of State and the World Economic Forum.

Stay tuned for upcoming online training with Justin Ferrell in May, 2020. Registration to be opened soon. 
Justin is the founder of the professional fellowship program at the Institute of Design at Stanford University (the, where he teaches graduate courses in design thinking and organization design.Prior to joining Stanford, Justin was a career journalist specializing in organizational change and creative culture. He is also the former director of digital, mobile & new product design at The Washington Post, where he designed the investigative series “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency,” winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, as well as four other Pulitzer finalists.

Justin Ferrell, Stanford University,

Here is a recap of one of Ferrell's previous visits.

Product Discovery Workshop

One of the definite highlights at Future Week last year was Product Discovery guru Marty Cagan, founder of Silicon Valley Product Group. 

— When venturing into the unknown, it is tempting for leaders and managers to hold on tight, and monitor their teams closely. But if you want to achieve extraordinary things with ordinary people, you need to let go. You need to trust and empower your people, especially the product-teams, to solve problems for your customers, not for the management, he said.

Marty Cagan has been the north star of the product community for as long as I can remember

  Ketil Moland Olsen, VP Product Development, Vimond Media Solutions.

Marty Cagan held a sold-out workshop in the Media Lab the day after the conference, where he shared his insight and expertise on Product Discovery to 50 participants. One of them, Ketil Moland Olsen, VP Product Management in Vimond, had been looking forward to this for a long time.   

From the Product Discovery Workshop with Marty Cagan in the Media Lab

— Marty Cagan has been the north star of the product community for as long as I can remember, and being able to watch him live in my home town of Bergen is a dream come true. Cagan did not disappoint, either – the full-day workshop he hosted at MCB is, without doubt, the most intense and knowledge-heavy learning session I have ever attended, Moland Olsen said.

Stay tuned for upcoming online training Silicon Valley Product Group (Product Management Coaching) in May and June, 2020. Registration to be opened soon. 

IBM Garage

Empower your virtual team. Hit the virtual ground running.

IBM Garage is IBM's approach for quickly driving ideas to real production outcomes with measurable business value. Empowering teams with the tools and technologies to get urgent work done remotely with the confidence to pivot fast is what you need right now. Co-creating with experts in design, architecture, development, data science and security, and tapping into the latest hybrid cloud and AI technologies with the Garage will help you to move faster and work smarter.

IBM Garage Methodology

To get to your target outcome, you need to maximize collaboration, minimize complexity, and see value from the jump. The IBM Garage Methodology is our open, seamless set of proven agile practices that guides teams through a human-centric, outcome-first approach to get a solution from idea to implementation to scale. In the process, we draw on your team's experience and creativity, and expand their skills so they can become the driving force of change. (Source: IBM)

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops on IBM Garage Methodology, 2020. 

IBM Garage are normally run in MCB Media Lab, in Norwegian Cognitive Center and in the IBM Watson IoT Center in Munich.

Read more.


Dan Olsen, author of the bestseller The Lean Product Playbook was set to be in Norway for Future Week & mcb tech .20. Due to the corona crisis, these events are postponed, but he will be here for the next Future Week, giving keynotes and workshops. 

Dan Olsen is a product management trainer, consultant, and author. His passion is helping others build successful products that customers love. At Olsen Solutions, he works with CEOs and product leaders to build great products and strong product teams. His clients include Facebook, Box, Walmart, Amazon, AT&T, and Medallia.
Dan is the author of the bestseller The Lean Product Playbook, published by Wiley.

Innovation Leadership: A competence program for cluster companies

Together with NHH Executive, NCE Media has initiated and developed a competence program for leaders and innovation managers in cluster companies. The program will contribute to: «…adding valuable and up-to-date professional insights to broaden the horizons of the participants and enable them to create added value for their respective cluster companies».

The key words for the program is strategy, innovation, business models, transformation, innovation culture and internationalization. The competence program consists of six one-day seminars, each of which is led by leading professionals from NHH within each field.

Read more and apply here.

Innovators Circle 

The exclusive forum for visionary leaders in all businesses. Join one of the world’s leading ecosystems for innovation and knowledge in media and media tech, and connect with inspiring leaders.

The media industry was one of the first industries forced to restructure and reorganize as a result of digitalization and has gained valuable experience and learning through the process. Today leaders in all industries and businesses face the same challenges when it comes to digitalization, visualization, AI, augmented reality and rapid business development. Several of the Media Cluster companies are world leaders in these fields.

A truly inspiring evening. This was a different and thought-provoking lecture on a topic that all leaders must relate to.

   Morten Lied, CEO Rainfall.

Today's leaders face tremendous challenges where digitalization, disruption and globalization fundamentally change the rules. The need for new management tools, insight and guidance for leaders has never been more profound.

On this occasion the Media Cluster invited to a seminar with a slightly different approach to the role of the leader through the perspectives of 

Steinar Bjartveit, a psychologist, speaker and leadership coach. There is a hidden gem in combining classic and historical leadership perspectives with modern management theories, and based on the writings of Ibsen and Machiavelli Bjartveit gave the attendants a lot to reflect on, including the fundamental question; Why do you want to be a leader?

Read about the Innovators Circle workshop; Why do you want to be a leader?

Read about the Innovators Circle workshop on Female Leadership



The winning teams: ​Team 7 (1st), Code Green(2nd), and Nexty(3rd) with their prizes after the 24 hour hackathon. 

NCE Media regularly runs Hackathons in the Media Lab, and all members can use the lab to organize their own hackathons. A hackathon is a frenzy of ideas, creativity, business model creation, coding and designing, annually set up by NCE Media, together with the Media Lab partners Sparebanken Vest, Bergen kommune, IBM and Deloitte Digital. Bergen kommune’s vast pool of open data is made available through the IBM Watson platform, and all participants have the option of utilizing the platform in the product or service they created during the hackathon.

Absolutely fantastic to see the innovation and creativity from the different teams. This promises well for the future.

   Håkon Pettersen, Deputy Mayor Finance in the city government of Bergen.

Participants also get access to sample code for Sparebanken Vest's Open Banking APIs for implementation of payment solutions. This enables all teams to prototype, visualize, test or demo technical solutions, or to use available data or API's.

More from our latest hackathon here. 

Get in touch if you want to use the Media Lab for your upcoming hackathon. 

Media Lab Sandbox

The Media Lab holds technical platforms and resources available to members and partner; A wide range of different tech for all kind of purposes, as well as open data and APIs from cluster companies and international tech partners that students, startups, researchers, teams and project developers can use as their sandbox.
The Media Lab Sandbox is a technical platform for innovation, testing, prototyping and developing. Members of the Media Cluster have access to software from the Media Cluster companies, Enterprise Watson, APIs, Open data, NDI infrastructure and hardware resources at Media City Bergen.

The software-based sandbox serves as a portal for the cluster's data and media streams, APIs and other open data sources, where access levels and business models can be directly applied. This platform is provided by the media lab partner IBM, and it will be a complete Watson Data Platform that includes all libraries, storage and RedHat application servers, with enterprise license. The Media Lab as "owner" can provide access to sign up for cluster members exclusively.

Together with our Media Lab partners and the Norwegian Cognitive Center we provide workshops and expert resources within AI/data science. 

The Lab is a training platform. This creates traffic and meeting places, and raises competence in the cluster and cluster partners. The lab has equipment and technical setup that require minimal installations, that will prompt new ideas and solutions when people meet. The Media Lab is now equipped with lots of new tools and tech, including VR headsets, MovieMask, IBM Watson, projectors, microphones, streaming equipment, green screen with AR camera systems, VR cordless setups also for virtual cameras in VR, Holocap for 2D and 3D, and streaming via MCB Media Lab channels from any NDI source in the building.

This enables cooperation, and unleashes cluster potential within production technology, contribution and distribution. 

Contact NCE Media if you are interested in using the Lab.