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Published 08.05.2020
The Norwegian Media Cluster qualifies as one of 12 national Industry Clusters under the government supported program Norwegian Innovation Clusters.

The Norwegian Media Cluster has been awarded a Centre of Expertise status from Innovation Norway and qualifies as one of 12 national Industry Clusters under the government supported program Norwegian Innovation Clusters. NCE Media (Norwegian Center of Expertise in Media) is the only one within media- and media technology in Norway.

The NCE program was established in 2006 by Innovation Norway, SIVA and The Research Council of Noway, and became a part of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program in 2014. NCE is no longer a program, but a brand name that clusters can qualify for. Clusters which are NCE qualified should have a national position within their respective sectors and technology areas. NCE helps to target, improve and accelerate ongoing development processes in Norwegian clusters. The program targets dynamic business clusters, which have established systematic cooperation and have the potential for growth in national and international markets. The program aims to trigger and enhance collaborative development activities in clusters and to increase the individual company's innovativeness and competitiveness on a global scale.

NCE has four focus areas:

  • Increased innovation
  • Targeted internationalization 
  • Be more attractive in the global market
  • Access to tailor-made expertice

Clusters NCE Media collaborates the closest with are:

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