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Published 08.05.2020
Members and partners have access to a wide range of services. See more here.

Full and free access to MCB Media Lab. Our HQ, Media City Bergen (MCB) in the City Center of Bergen, is available for all cluster members, not only those located here. In Media City Bergen members can hold their meetings and events, participate in a wealth of different activities and use the state-of-the-art MCB Media Lab, for innovation projects, research, workshops or product development alongside other members in the cluster.

Norwegian Cognitive Center: NCE Media is the initiator and primary driving force in the Norwegian Cognitive Center, giving our members a fast track to key AI competence to fuel innovation and business development. Read more here.

MCB Journalism Lab (JoLab): JoLab is a set of workshops, events, projects and initiatives, all aiming to increase media innovation and sustainable business models for the media industry, build editorial competence for the future newsroom, and to strengthen critical and investigative journalism. Read more. 

MediaMotor Europe: Supporting Deep Tech Startups and Scaleups on to a global arena. Read more here. MediaMotorEurope brings together four innovative European startup hubs: Media City Bergen (Bergen, Norway), VRT Sandbox (Brussels, Belgium), Thermi Business Incubator (Thessaloniki, Greece) and Sofia Knowledge City (Sofia, Bulgaria). Together with partners from startup and investor networks, this forms the basis for a strong European ecosystem to fuel and support deep tech startups and scaleups. Total budget: € 1.952.262.

Sandbox: Tech resources in the Media Lab, with software and cloud-based solutions for AI and storage, as well as a common data platform for collaboration and access to cluster member technologies. Read more

Entrepreneurship and startups: The Norwegian Media Cluster has its own incubator, Mediekuben, as well as a substantial network of incubators and accelerators, like ERA in NYC, or Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg. Draw on our network of great mentors, and join the Norwegian Media Cluster for your media tech idea to become business.

Research: Nine major academic institutions are members in the cluster, with the University of Bergen being the key academic partner. NCE Media stimulates and contributes to specific development projects between different players in the cluster and R&D environments. Researchers and media & technology companies in the cluster seek to establish a research centre for developing responsible media technology for the future; MediaFutures

All International: Through a huge international network, NCE Media can provide several different tools to help members scale. On arenas such as NAB, IBC etc., we work to provide exhibition and marketing opportunities for our members. 

Students: Are you a student in the Media Cluster? Check out how you can join

Innovators Circle: The exclusive forum for visionary leaders in all businesses. By invitation, companies in all sectors and industries may join the Media Cluster Innovators Circle tier with access to exclusive content and activities. Innovator Circle leaders can attend exclusive networking events, business forums and roundtables. Throughout the year, you will be able to meet with world leading and inspiring speakers, leaders and coaches. Innovator Circle leaders are also able to join C-level seminars and study tours, and also have access to different meetings, workshops and exclusive seminars.

Innovators Circle: "Why do you want to be a leader?" by Steinar Bjartnes, psychologist, speaker and leadership coach.
Innovators Circle: "Why do you want to be a leader?" by Steinar Bjartnes, psychologist, speaker and leadership coach.

Business Networking: The purpose of these events is both to facilitate more and better cooperation between the members. Some of the most popular events are Show&Tell, the cluster's informal networking arena where you can meet people and keep up-to-date on the Media Cluster's latest news at the same time. Open only to members and partners.

Future Week and mcb tech: Are you future ready? Every year you can attend Future Week in June in MCB. Members are able to exhibit their products, showcase their solutions or give speaks at one or more of the 50+ events during this week. The cornerstone of Future Week is the mcb tech, a future-focused conference for C-Level executives from all industries. This conference is a joint initiative between NCE Media and the NCE Finance Cluster. Read more here

IBC & NAB: Media organizes the MCB Village at IBC every year, bringing 12-14 Cluster Companies under one roof. We also have a strong presence at NAB, hosting Meet&Greets, networking events and expo opportunities for members. 

Are you interested in a membership? Read more here.

From a Product Discovery Workshop with Marty Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group) in the Media Lab. 

We are hosting a number of seminars, demos, workshops and social gatherings in the Media Lab throughout the year.

Members can make use of MCB Media Lab, the Sandbox and technical platforms. 

Study Tour to IBC, Europe’s largest media technology trade show.

Design Thinking specialist Justin Ferrell on one of his yearly workshops in Bergen.

Ayesha Khanna, Keynote Speaker at mcb tech .19. 

IBM Watson & Cloud Workshop in the Media Lab.

Speed date between NCE Media and Marine CleanTech.