Published 14.12.2016

18 new spinoffs in the media cluster

86 per cent of the media cluster companies introduced new innovations to the marked in 2016. In addition, 229 new jobs and 18 spinoffs was born out of the cluster this year.

These numbers are presented at the end of an already extremely prosperous year. In March, a study from Agderforsk and HiB showed that the innovation speed was twice as high within the media cluster compared to other industries. In November Knowit launced their report stating that the annual value creation in the cluster came in at a total of almost 360 million USD, and further more showed a total revenue of almost 1 billion USD.

A special dynamics

Now, a recent survey amongst member companies, confirms the same trend. The survey is conducted by NCE Media, the cluster innovation project, as part of the annual report to state backed Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Centres of Expertise program. The survey shows that a total of ten new companies and eight new branch offices are established this year (in places like Norway (Stavanger, Oslo), Australia (Sydney), Sweeden, Denmark, Finland (Helsinki), Great Britain (London) and US (Palo Alto).

Chairman Håvard Myklebust is pleased that the numbers not only match the previous year's good results, but shows further growth and value creation in the media cluster.

– The media cluster has its own very special dynamics, and the cooperation and interaction within the cluster are tremendously valuable. Even this year when some of the media companies have downsized, there is an overall growth in employment in the media cluster, hence creating many new jobs in new sectors and industries in the Bergen region, Myklebust said.

12 million in innovation funding

The survey shows that about half of the member companies are awarded innovation funds in 2016, which in turn is an expression of the high level of innovation. The cluster triggered a total of some 12 million USD from the Norwegian research council, Innovation Norway and the Horion2020-program amongst others.

– We now have an innovation ecosystem that works extremely well, with a high degree of joint innovation projects and high innovation speed. For companies working within the media industry, it will be increasingly difficult to stand outside the cluster, Myklebust continues. He still believes that there is a potential for further growth.

– We have now strengthened the cooperation between the different business clusters in the region, but there is also a potential for further growth, both nationally and internationally. We are now also approached by other players, that are not what one would call the typical media companies, but who wants to be a part of the cluster and have a proximity to the media cluster and its competence within innovation, digitization, communication, business models and general media development, something most industries now must deal with.