Services and Projects

Published 16.10.2020
Explore the 5G powered industry and business opportunities. The Nordic 5G Consortium offer a program designed to enhance innovation and product development.

To drive innovation in emerging tech and 5G updated skills and strong competence is key. We assist our members in applying this knowledge and tools in their company, and help build knowledge, competence and capability to master new ecosystems and opportunities offered by 5G technology. 

The Nordic 5G Consortium provide support for broadcasters within innovation, digitization, automation, and efficiency building on 5G technology and networks, solving specific challenges facing the media industry. Our aim is to develop competitive advantage for our members with an impact on:

  • Broadcast and technology transformation
  • Smart/intelligent services
  • Automated production and robotics
  • Cloud-native business model, architecture, and operation


  • Onboarding assistance
  • Initiate strategic partnerships for technology collaboration
  • Insight for research and innovation
  • Guide for public policies and programs
  • Industry knowledge and best practices through events such as Open Innovation Sessions, Workshops and Hackathons.
  • Business development and networking with industry and technology partners
  • Access to events, digital platforms and web where your ideas and solutions can be showcased.
  • Public affairs
  • Study tours, sharing of experience, trends and development from international markets and industries
  • Tech workshops
  • Access to International network, partnership and collaboration through the entire value chain
  • Global reach for your products and services


We are currently working on a project on developing a NPN (non public network) wireless media and highly mobile production platform. As more of the traditional broadcast equipment are getting 5G capabilities and eSIM cards installed we will be able to utilize 5G as a technology and use them as autonomous units in a local wireless production network. Microphones, in ear monitors, cameras and lights are already there and are being tested. This will enable a super efficient rig up time and require less resources for both studio and OB productions. These productions can also seamlessly be tied together with the main broadcast facilities either thru the public 5G network or other communication channels.

We are also looking at how the 5G technology will drive change given the motorway and quality of delivery that 5G will provide for the end users. This will be and enabler of new services and ways to consume but also participate in the next generation of media.