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We started our journey as an aggregator of local news - working with hundreds of media outlets and large distributors such as phone manufacturers and telecom companies. Together with them we serve 50 million customers every day. But, all along, we could feel the pain of a broken process first hand.

In 2017 we decided to augment our existing business with blockchain technology, knowing it would make the distribution of content so much easier and content so much more relevant for all involved: creators, distributors and consumers.

What started as a project to make content distribution faster, more transparent and more relevant has since evolved into the vision of an ecosystem of blockchain based tools around all forms of content and spanning the full product cycle: funding, creation, sharing, verifying, monetizing and managing.

As we started building this system we realized that none of the key tools needed to power it - especially around asset management - met our high standards of transparency and ease of use. So we included them in our roadmap. In fact, our first public launches focus on these core functionalities, as they will power the content specific solutions we are building on top of them.

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