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Nagelld's business is at the core communication, perspective - and to help their customers stand out and excel in their industries.

Nagelld have decades of experience in 3D visualisation and B2B marketing.

They have worked with - and are working with - strong brands, industry leaders as well as start-ups in a range of - at the core - technical industries: 

Oil/gas/offshore, aquaculture, technical industries.

We produce everything in Norway. With the best staff available. And reasonable prices.


And importantly: We are fiercely dedicated to the most important aspect of all (also in 3D visualisation) the thoughts and ideas fuelling the process.

Our industrial experience and know-how is solid. In short: We know what you're talking about.

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Helge Bjordal
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Mjåtveitflaten 45, 5918 Frekhaug