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Virtual Nordic is set to be a guiding and pioneering VR-innovator. We are linking companies, organizations and other operators of relevance together through single-projects and larger concepts worldwide that produce and develops solutions which benefit different communities and vital parts of our society.

As the goal of being a VR experience provider, we are connecting the global XR-industry to Norway and to The Nordics fully scaled and fully immersive!

As this is one of our most important hallmarks and what we are building the brand around, we take this job seriously and are putting a lot of both focus & efforts to reach these goals and to master these challenges!

Through collaboration and partnering from single persons to large corporates, we are aiming to deliver VR related-services and experience of high quality and user experience.

Virtual Nordic are connected worldwide when it comes within the XR- industry. We have a collaboratory portfolio of different networks, business clusters, organizations, governmental sectors, software- and hardware- developers which are increasing rapidly.

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