Additional services

Published 10.12.2020
When having a meeting or planning an event in Media City Bergen there are several additional services at your disposal to facilitate your experience, next to the services at the Media Lab.
Professional Event Production

Cluster member Kulturoperatørene offer a complete set of services for digital productions, both with a completely online audience and with an online audience combined with a physical audience. They offer solutions for digital meetings and multi-camera productions customized for your needs. See their production of Norwegian Cognitive Centers online event "Tech Talks", recorded in our Media Lab, here.

Read more about their services and contact them here


Food and Drinks

The restaurant Friends of Food, located in Media City Bergen, is a restaurant for any occasion. Wether you are hosting an informal get-together or a more formal event, Friends of Food will cater to your needs. You can choose to eat in the restaurant or have the food delivered to your rented space.

See their menus and contact them here.


Conference Center

In addition to our meeting rooms, showroom and workshop (sett inn hyperlinker her), Entra has a conference center and the Atlantis auditorium available for rent in Media City Bergen. The spaces are available for both renters and visitors in Media City Bergen.

Read more about their offer and contact them here