About mcb tech .19

Published 10.04.2018
mcb tech .19, the future focused conference for tomorrow's leaders. Save the date: Media City Bergen, Norway, June 13, 2019

Be future ready.

mcb tech is a joint initiative between the Media and Finance clusters in Bergen, and a future focused conference for tomorrow's leaders.

It is a long sought-after and important conference for high-performing leaders from all businesses and industries. The need for new strategies and business models, as well as adapting a digital mindset, is key to future success. mcb tech gives you new perspectives on how to strategize and grow your future business.

This conference has a specially strong focus on new technology as a key driver in all business today, providing both new opportunities and challenges. 

mcb tech is held in the new, high tech auditorium Atlantis in Media City Bergen, a state-of-the art facility with capabilites for advanced, visual and immersive presentations, using AI, AR/VR and robotic solutions. 

mcb tech is organized for the second time, after a successful inaugural conference in the summer of 2018. 

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