Venue & Conference Information

Published 10.04.2018
An overview of everything you will need to know about the conference.

Conference Information

Welcome to Bergen! 

Media City Bergen is conveniently located in the center of Bergen, with easy access via public transportation and is a short walk from most hotels and the Bystasjonen bus station.

  • There are two main entrances: One in Lars Hilles gate 30, and one on the opposite side of the building in Odd Frantzens plass 5, which is also the taxi address

  • Both entrances lead directly into the Atrium, from where you will also find elevator entrances to Towers 1-3 

MCB Tech.19 conference Locations

  • MCB Auditorium

  • MCB Media Lab: Located on the 9th Floor in Tower 3

Media City Bergen Facilities

  • MCB is home to more than 1 300 people who work for broadcasters, manufacturers, or study or teach at the University
  • Access beyond the Atrium and Restaurant areas is restricted, and visitors must be accompanied by authorized personnel.  Please contact NCE Media for assistance
  • A campus-wide Wi-Fi network is available as “MCB Guest”.  Connect your device and follow the directions on the screen
  • Private meeting rooms can be booked via Regus and NCE Media offers “hot desking” and conference rooms inside its Media Lab

Bergen Flesland Airport Transportation

Bergen Flesland airport is located approximately 15 km from the city center.  There is a variety of rental cars and transportation options:

  • Bus: Express buses depart the airport every 10 minutes and take approximately 20 minutes to the Bus Station (Bystasjonen).  From there, walk southward towards Media City Bergen.  Price is NOK 105 each way: and tickets are available inside and outside the airport, or upon boarding the bus

  • Light rail: The Bybanen light rail departs every 10 minutes and takes approximately 45 minutes to the Nygård tram stop, which is across the street from the MCB entrance in Lars Hilles gate. Tickets are available for sale at the airport, but not after boarding the train.  If you are going directly to your hotel, take the train to Bystasjonen, and proceed from there. Visit for information about tickets and fares.

  • Taxis are available outside the airport and the cost to MCB ranges from NOK 450-550. If you’re going to the conference, the taxi will take you to Media City Bergen, Odd Frantzens plass 5.  You can also call Bergen Taxi directly on 07000

  • Rental cars may be booked and picked up at the airport

Transportation from Media City Bergen & Parking
Transportation to/from Media City Bergen is available as follows

  • Taxis: May be booked from the reception and will pick you up from the entrance at Odd Frantzen plass

  • Light Rail: The Nygård tram stop is outside the building to the left from the Lars Hilles gate entrance

  • Bus: Local & regional buses, including airport service, arrive and depart from the Bystasjonen bus station

  • Parking is not available within Media City Bergen, but visitors arriving by car may park for a fee in the nearby Bystasjonen parking garage

Arrival Information & Area Map

Media City Bergen 

See location on Google Maps here