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Content is king, and you as a storyteller, breaking-news-teller, sports-teller – must create an environment where the content gets to shine! This is a demo that shows exactly how to do that.


25. November.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00


Organized by Vizrt

Easily control and adjust all your content for your videowalls and use them in combination with world class Augmented Reality graphics to engage your audience.

Our experts will demonstrate:

  • How easy is to control any type of content on all your videowalls
  • How presenters can operate from the stage
  • The quickest, easiest interface in the world to control your graphics, clips, live feeds, and still images with transitions on every one of your studio displays
  • How to create and run dynamic playlists across multiple channels
  • How best to incorporate AR graphics into your studio and make them work with video walls



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