A world class media lab for cutting edge innovation and research – available to all members of the media cluster


Mediekuben will offer an international startup environment consisting of hard working entrepreneurs, an offensive incubation program and guidance from international mentors.


The University of Bergen offers six new, media related bachelor and master programmes in Media City Bergen™.


Each year, several companies in the media cluster host a number of different media tech related conferences.


The Norwegian media tech cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with more than 90 companies, with a total revenue of almost 1 billion USD, and six major universities and research facilities as members.


A landmark building in Bergen, and a world-class hub for innovation and science for the media industry and the University of Bergen.

A peek inside Media City Bergen™

The first tenants of Media City Bergen™ have now started moving into the premises. Even though the first few weeks will be a bit chaotic, some companies are already fully operated in the new landmark building in Lars Hilles Gate.

NCE Media Study: IBC Amsterdam

Sep. 16-17: We are proud to invite you to the official launch of our brand new media lab, as well as an organized study tour at IBC, Europe's largest broadcast show. Meet the Norwegian Media Cluster companies, visit their booths at IBC and be updated on the latest media trends.