– Working hard on getting uncomfortable and learning from the best

Once again it was a great pleasure having Justin Ferrell from Stanford d.school back in Bergen to visit the media cluster. This time to work with our startups.

Sixty raises millions to launch Ease Live onto the world stage

Ease Live and Ease TV has opened doors globally for Bergen based TV Experience company Sixty, now launching their award winning solutions world wide.

Vizrt partnered Al Arabiya in creating a massive AR set during the U.S. election

Last November the world's eyes were fixed on the thrilling conclusion to the US Election. With increasingly powerful tools for visualization of data, TV viewers around the globe were presented with an impressive display of statistics, analysis and forecasts related to one of the most memorable television events in modern times.

The dynamics of the media cluster creates values worth billions

Value added through the media cluster is getting close to three-billion Norwegian kroner per year. In addition, the cluster spreads significant repercussions in its surroundings. This is stated in a new report prepared by the media association “Media Region Bergen”.