Future Week 24

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Published 06.06.2024
Mark the dates 25–26 September in your calendar and sign up for Future Week!

Welcome to Future Week 24, a media and mediatech festival where we deep-dive into the latest media trends and give you the insight you need to stay ahead. Get inspired and challenged by the leading experts in the industry. 


Future Week brings together journalists, developers, leaders, students, researchers and entrepreneurs to explore the topics that will shape our shared future where technology plays a crucial role. Don't miss this opportunity to be challenged, inspired and engage in meaningful conversations.

Get valuable insights from exciting speakers, and explore the future of media and media technology! 


You will meet:

  • Siv Juvik Tveitnes (Schibsted)
  • Andy Parsons (Adobe) 
  • Ryan Broderick (Garbage Day)
  • Raquel Vazquez Llorente (Witness)
  • Pete Mathias (Alumni Ventures)
  • Bo Bergstedt (TV 2 Denmark)
  • Kjersti Løken Stavrum (Tinius Trust)
  • Markus Aarstad (Flighty)
  • Jan Stian Vold (Schibsted)
  • Håkon Espeland (Muybridge)

More speakers to be announced!