Estonia: The discovery that changed history

Meet Producer Frithjof Jacobsen and Directors Bendik Mondal and Henrik Evertsson of Estonia.


29. September.

Time: 14:00 - 15:30


On the 28th of September 1994, the passenger ferry M/S Estonia sank en route from Tallinn to Stockholm. 852 people lost their lives in the freezing Baltic Sea in the worst maritime disaster in peace-time Europe. No attempt was ever made to salvage the ship or recover the bodies of those who perished. Ever since the sinking, both survivors and bereaved families have searched for the complete answer to what happened that fateful night. 


On the 28th of September 2020, the documentary series «Estonia - The discovery that changes the story» was released. In the series, a new dive to the wreck with state-of-the-art technology revealed a previously unreported hole in the vessel. This discovery caused widespread attention worldwide, gaining coverage in, amongst others, The New York Times, Le Monde, BBC, and The Guardian. 


After the release, director Henrik Evertsson and ROV-operator Linus Andersson were prosecuted by the Swedish state for breaching the Grave Sanctity Treaty covering the wreck. At the same time, both the Swedish, Estonian and Finnish governments have decided to conduct new dives to the wreck to assess the findings of the filmmakers. 


At Future Week 2021, producer Frithjof Jacobsen and directors Bendik Mondal and Henrik Evertsson present their work with the series. They will tell you all about the political, judicial, and public reactions and share their thoughts about the future of this developing story.


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