Ethical AI in Practice

This event is co-organized with Oslo AI


24. May.

Time: 17:00 - 20:00


Organized by NORA

It takes more than regulations, principles and frameworks to put ethical AI practice. We need collaboration across business, technology, academic and regulatory domains to make AI ethics work. We have invited a fantastic lineup of speakers to shed light on EU AI Act and share concrete examples on how some of the leading organizations are putting ethical AI into practice.

Talk #1: What should you know about the upcoming EU AI Act Regulations?
Cathrine Bui, AI Ethics Consultant, Bui Consulting

Last year, the EU released a draft proposal of new regulations on AI. Why should you care? Which sectors will be impacted the most? What obligations will high-risk sectors need to prepare for? How will this affect the development of AI systems? How can organizations prepare for the regulations? Might social media be banned? A summary of the EU AI Act for busy people who do not have the time to read the 100+ pages of legal jargon.

Talk #2: DNB’s Journey towards Responsible AI and Sustainability: A convergence of two worlds
Aiko Yamashita (PhD.), Principal Data Scientist at Group Risk Management and Lead of ESG Data Task Force, DNB

What does AI have in common with Sustainability? In this talk Aiko describes DNB’s efforts towards ensuring responsible use of AI, and how do Data and AI technologies are currently being leveraged to create DNB’s ESG Data Hub, to fuel the transition to a green economy. Finally, she will provide concrete examples on why Responsible AI and Sustainability are converging in many unforeseen ways.

Talk #3:Responsible AI in Practice: Delivering Secure, Fair and Compliant Data and AI Solutions
Pascal Zoleko*, NLP Solution Architect, Crayon*

Today, privacy, security and fairness have a major impact on the way data and AI solutions are developed and delivered. However, these factors sometimes conflict with business goals and processes, as well as with each other. So how can we align privacy, security, and fairness with business goals and internal processes? In this talk, Pascal will present how Crayon embedded responsible AI practices into its presales and delivery process to ensure that the data and AI solutions developed and delivered are secure, fair, and in compliance with data and AI regulations.


17:00 pizza and mingling

17:30 First 2 talks

18:25 break and mingling

18:45 3rd talk and panel discussion

About the speakers:

Cathrine Bui is passionate about helping organizations understand the ethical risks of AI and ensuring that algorithms perform as intended without biases from data noise. She believes in using creative innovation and values-based social design to mitigate the social issues of technical systems. She combines her past experience leading the EQUALS Research Coalition on digital gender equality + technical background in computer science to bridge the gap between tech engineers and social science for more Responsible AI. Cathrine is a member of NORDE, Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics, and on the board of Protocols for AI Security IEEE; a global initiative to set up a new research center to improve AI safety.

Aiko Yamashita has a background in Informatics with a doctoral degree in experimental software engineering. She has +10 years of experience in data analytics within the logistics, retail and finance industries. She is currently leading the ESG Data Task Force, which has as mission to ensure top-of-class ESG analytics and timely access to ESG data for the Corporate. She believes in responsible use of Data, AI, and Technology, and is a passionate advocate for data literacy in DNB. In addition to being a Data Scientist at DNB, Aiko is an Adjunct Associate Professor at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, where she has taught courses in Data Science and supervised students.

Pascal Zoleko has a background in machine learning and AI research & development. He's currently a solution architect at Crayon with focus on natural language processing. He's a co-founder of Flexudy Education, an EduTech startup with focus on AI.


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