Future Media Hubs @ IBC


11. September.

Time: 16:00 - 17:00


IBC - International Broadcasting Convention is just around the corner, we are anxious to share what we have planned! You can find us over the European Broadcasting Union-booth 10.D21 starting at 4:00 pm on Sunday where we will share brand new cases presented by Yle, BBC, DPG Media België, RTBF and VRT

Ian Forrester from BBC (UK) will take the stage to share the future of podcasting with adaptive podcasting and Makerbox, a tool where users can play around with the concept of adaptive podcasting. 

Tuula Rajavaara from Yle (FI) presents voice AI that was used to convert the voice of a single human to a few different voices in a radio play/podcast and Pauliina Motturi introduces us on how to use AI to generate pictures for an article about graphite painters who needed to stay anonymous.

Frank Santermans and Jan De Wever from DPG Media (BE) will showcase their news studio that can be operated by journalists themselves without any help, 24/7, because of automation. A true one man band called HLN Live! 

Hugo Ortiz from RTBF (BE) will talk about that challenge posed when creating a flexible control room for the new headquarters RTBF is constructing with the help of start-ups like On-Hertz.

Rani D'Hulster (BE) will talk about 'Sollicidaten', a vritual production created for VRTs radiostation MNM. Rani will talk about what the show was about and how it pushed production boundaries.


European Broadcasting Union-booth 10.D21, RAI, Amsterdam
Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam, Nederland

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