Future Peek - STADIEM 1

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Meet some of Europe's most exciting scaleups with ingenious solutions for the media industry!


11. June.

Time: 09:00 - 10:00


Once a week for four weeks we are offering you a peek into the future. Tune in to hear some of the greatest European scaleups pitch their innovative solutions for next-generation media. You'll get a glimpse into the future of the media landscape with applications in the areas of monetization, content creation & distribution, archiving, content verification, data, and synthetic media, to mention some. Maybe you'll even find your next collaboration here?

On 11 June, we'll kick off Future Peek - STADIEM, a series of four sessions.

In the first session you'll meet these forward-thinking companies:

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Session 2 - 18 June, read more and sign up here.

Session 3 - 25 June, read more and sign up here.

Session 4 - 2 July, read more and sign up here.

The scaleups presenting at Future Peek are all selected for the Match phase of the STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media) program. A piloting and acceleration program, that brings together startups, scaleups, investors, and media organizations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions.

STADIEM project is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.


AISpotter pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded and even multiple simultaneous live-streamed videos, from any camera, with any setup, and makes production-ready highlights available instantly.


Combines AI and cloud-based technologies to enable entertainment industry professionals to make faster and better-informed decisions by providing comprehensive data, predictive analytics, and project management tools in an integrated online platform.


Cutnut is a story content creation tool for production and omnichannel distribution (social media and web). It provides an editorial suite for omnichannel story production and distribution (social media or web) saving publishers, media companies, and magazines countless hours of work and/or required expertise in coding.


Datavillage is working in the field of digital decentralization allowing consumers worldwide to build and control their own 'digital twins' - made with their personal behavioral data - in order to power consumer-centric data ecosystems enabling digital products personalization and open innovation.


IN2 provides cutting-edge scalable software solutions that simplify how businesses and people collect, organize, discover and present digital content on the web and mobile. The platform helps clients to search and find vast amounts of digital content for specific application domains, essentially offering highly customized “Google for X” solutions for broadcasting, tourism, cultural heritage, and events.

Klipworks ApS

Klipworks’s digital workflow allows broadcasters to request, manage and use video all in one place. They enable journalists and other video content creators to easily request, manage and use video content from their users. Simply create a link with the instructions, share it with known or unknown users, and let them record and upload a video from their smartphone.

Playpilot AB

Playpilot is a website and app that makes it possible for users to search, browse and get recommendations from all the available legal video streaming services in 26 countries. They simply make content from small and established streaming services available to the audience in each country. They provide the ability to search through all content in one place, browse and explore content, and unbiased recommendations.


PromoMii has built an AI-powered video logging and editing tool, NOVA. With NOVA users can log their content 70% faster than normal and create better clips, promos, and trailers for digital and social media because they have much more time to craft outstanding content. Instead of spending hours searching for specific scenes, faces, objects, activities, or words, NOVA can find them at the click of a button - down to micro details.

Subreader ApS

SubReader is the first service to give people suffering from reading difficulties access to movies at home, in the cinema, or at school. It built a platform that reads subtitles aloud for dyslectics, the visually impaired, and other people with reading difficulties (approx. 7% of the population) via an app.


TinkerList is a could-based rundown and scripting tool enabling remote and paperless production. It bridges the gap between the writers’ room and the recording studio. It streamlines the entire process from early ideation to scripting, from recording to archiving. It is the first unified, online platform, for creative media teams. No extra hardware, system software, or heavy training required. Remote and paperless production are two basic keywords for TinkerList. 



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