UIB Student Demo

Students from the University of Bergen present their latest mediatech projects.


27. September.

Time: 14:30 - 16:00



Here are the projects that the students will be presenting: 

  • GuriGuide: Guri is a friendly robot that helps new users getting started with TV 2’s streaming service, TV 2 Play. In the first part of our project, we gained insights from our own evaluation, consisting of diary studies and semi-structured interviews, with users from the age of 60 and up. What inspired our idea behind this prototype, was the participants’ thoughts on streaming services and expressed trouble with using new technologies. Guri is initially a personal assistant for the user, but she could also potentially become a helpful connection between the users and a sometimes overworked customer service. 
  • QRevolution: Did you know that ten out of ten of our participants use their phones while watching TV? It is harder than ever to keep people’s attention on the television screen when there is always a notification to check out and an endless Instagram feed to scroll through. Wouldn’t it be nice if the TV-viewer was engaging with content related to the TV-show, instead of playing candy crush?
  • TV2 Connect: TV2 Connect is integrated in TV2 Play and gives the user the opportunity to watch shows and events together with other people, without having to be physically together. The user can add friends, create events and make polls to create a social community.
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  • WindFace: WindFace is an interactive map visualizing offshore wind data, and was made in collaboration with Ida Marie Solbrekke from Bergen Offshore Wind Centre. Solbrekke, a doctoral research fellow in offshore wind energy, made a substantial dataset as a part of her doctorate and she wanted to make the data available to the public through some sort of visualisation. We conducted interviews with stakeholders and potential users, conducted a completely digital design sprint with subsequent iteration sprint – with testing throughout. The result is an interactive map where you can explore the data. You can select a point or enter coordinates, select a time frame and see different variables, like wind speed or wind power. Read more about the project here.
  • Spor: Working as a journalist requires writing about various subjects including science information where you may not have any prior knowledge. The importance of good tools is therefore critical. "Spor" is a Norwegian development of the already existing tool Quest. The goal is to make the process of writing a science-based article easier and quicker, as well as easy access to reliable sources and content. It is developed to fit the Norwegian journalists' needs.
  • TV 2 Grow: TV 2 Grow is a collection of content connected to a current news story and makes it easy to get an overview of larger cases. It gives you everything you need to know about a story - summaries, who are the different actors, and opinions from social media.
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More to be announced. 


This event is a part of the Media City Bergen Future Week, 27 September - 1 October. 50+ events will be taking place inside the Media City Bergen building, Oslo and Stavanger - all focused on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven and shaped by technology.
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