Reg. for: AR & Graphics Track, hosted by Vizrt. Meet Bergen Robotics, Ludenso, Rainfall, Tenklabs & HVL Students.


Vizrt opens its doors to its premises on the 6th floor and invites you to five exciting presentations.


14. June.

Time: 09:00 - 11:30


Autonomous camera systems for work and fun
Computer Vision and robotics can remove repetitive and dangerous work for industrial applications - what about media?

Dr. Nils Jacob Berland, CEO of Bergen Robotics


Dr. Berland is  the CEO/Founder of Bergen Robotics - a company specializing in autonomous camera systems for industrial inspections.

Computer vision and robotics are now capable of taking over a range of tasks from a human operator that are either boring of dangerous - or both. Some of these tasks are also found in the media production environment. This talk will focus on defining the capabilities of autonomous systems and discuss their potential applications for the media industry.

Dr. Berland and Bergen Robotics AS are working on solution for autonomous systems for inspection and other applications for computer vision. He is currently working closely with energy companies to develop solutions for autonomous inspection of power lines.

The AR Revolution in Education
Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we explore, create and learn, and is foreseen to disrupt education as we know it. Come listen to Ingrid Skrede, the CMO of the startup Ludenso, to get a presentation of their insights in education, and experience their unique AR headset and physical trackers objects. 

Ingrid Skrede, CMO of Ludenso


Ingrid Skrede is the CMO of Ludenso. Together with her team, she is aiming to change how we interact and engage with technology - for the better. They do this by providing students with an Augmented Reality (AR) toolbox, allowing them to learn, explore and create in a way that seamlessly integrates the digital and the physical worlds. She holds a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from NTNU, and has undertaken courses at UCSB, Boston University and Babson College during her studies.

She has a passion for improving learning experiences in education. Her belief is that augmented reality has the potential of unleashing the creative potential and the interest of technology for young girls and boys worldwide.

Today, an increasing amount of engineers, architects, doctors and designers are using AR in their workplaces. As of now, the technology is however considered expensive and inaccessible, thus creating barriers for kids' opportunities to take part in one of the greatest technology revolutions of our time. To lower the barriers for kids to understand and to develop applications in AR, we think it is important to make this technology accessible at an early stage. For that reason, we have developed simple, inexpensive and user friendly tools optimized for schools. Our dream is that our AR tools will allow more schools to give the kids their first meeting with this new technology.

Get your first glimpse of the potential AR in education holds. By allowing kids to become digital producers, as opposed to digital consumers, we aim to challenge the status quo of traditional education. In the seminar you will get an introduction to how we can use AR to explore technology in new ways, how we can unleash the creative potential of students who want to create their own AR apps, and how learning with AR creates a more inclusive learning environment. 

During the presentation you will also get the chance to get a live demo of the AR tools developed by the startup Ludenso! 

How to use VR and AR and what the future holds
In the presentation you will get concrete cases as to how we in Rainfall have been using VR and AR for our clients.

Keith Mellingen, VR&AR Director in Rainfall AS


Keith Mellingen:
VR&AR Director in Rainfall AS. 
Founder of VR&DRINKS 
Founder of the largest VR Facebook group in Norway, Virtual Reality Norway. 

Keith has directed 360 videoes for Bakehus, Mowi, Flåklypa and won an award for best 360 film which was shown at the Sydney Opera during the SF3 film festival.

Physics and the New Media: coding physics-based VR on the web 
Learning Engineering Analysis by creating one’s own VR simulations, equipped with physics. Learning Sustainable Engineering Design from Nature—nature’s representations in the Media.

Maren Eriksen Eia and Elise Mari Vigre 


Maren and Elise Mari just finished their bachelor´s degree in mechanical engineering at HVL, Bergen. For their bachelor thesis they modeled a knuckle boom crane control system to reduce pendulum motion, where the physics and motions are displayed on a 3D web page, viewable on mobile devices. They used a new mathematical method that is easily coded on 3D web pages.  They exploited the webGL standard for 3D web pages.  The bachelor thesis was conceived together with Deep Ocean. After finishing her bachelors degree Elise Mari will be working as a project engineer at DeepOcean, and Maren will continue her studies with a master’s degree. 

Using Virtual Reality to Transform Professional 3D Design
Kodon Studio uses Virtual Reality to let professional 3D designers work 6-10 times faster. Let us show you how!

Gustav Tresselt, Founder of TenkLabs


If you could make 3D designs 6-10 times faster, what would happen?

TenkLabs is building Kodon Studio, a virtual workspace that transforms professional 3D design. We use Virtual Reality technology to introduce the fastest workflow the world has ever seen, redefining the realms of what is possible in deadline-driven industries such as broadcasting.

Kodon Studio is a groundbreaking tool that represents the future of 3D design. It enhances collaboration and quality in 3D design, and reduces costs. Kodon Studio’s intuition and ease of use dramatically speeds up the design process, while at the same time giving 3D designers a working tool that is highly joyful and immersive to work with.

With Kodon Studio we aspire to enable on-the-fly sketching and design modifications, making design processes streamlined and strengthening team communication. Optimized workflows lead to substantial savings in time and costs, and gives users a whole new range of opportunities when it comes to quantity and quality of self-produced 3D content for real-time 3D graphics, studio animation, sports analysis and more.

Kodon Studio will be launched in the end of Q3 2019, accessible as a seamlessly integrated plugin to Viz Artist.

In this lecture, Gustav Tresselt, CEO and Founder, will present the future of 3D modeling as TenkLabs sees it. We hope to see you there!

This talk will be given in English. 

This event is part of the Media City Bergen Future Week on June 11-14.
50+ events will be taking place inside the Media City Bergen building, and all focused on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven and shaped by technology.

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