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E-sport and eFootball have become hugely popular in the Nordics in the past few years. How does the traditional sports world adapt to its digital and much younger siblings? Hear industry experts and professional players discuss the rise of e-sport and eFootball in the Nordics.


12. June.

Time: 13:30 - 15:00


E-sport and eFootball have become hugely popular in the Nordics in the past few years. In this seminar we have gathered industry experts and professional players to discuss the rise of e-sport and eFootball in the Nordics.

You will hear from Christian Sørensen, CEO North, a Danish E-sport club, Mads Theie Bretvik from NFF (The Norwegian Football Association) and Håvard Fantoft Grutle (TV 2).

There will also be an interview on stage with North's August "Agge" Rosenmeier, a World Cup winning e-sports athlete widely recognized as one of the best FIFA players in the world, as well as Brann's pro player Anders Rasmussen, who is also on the Norwegian National Team.

At the end of the session there will be a debate on stage.

The presentations will be held in english.

VENUE: Media City Bergen Restaurant (ground floor)

PS: After this session, there will be an exhibition match in the Atrium, where North and Brann will go head-to-head. You will get the chance to test your skills against the pro's.


Christian Sørensen, CEO, North

Sørensen is graduated from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and has been CEO in North the organization was founded January 2017. He was previously a leader in F.C. Copenhagen

Mats Theie Bretvik, Head of eFootball, NFF

Bretvik has been an avid FIFA player since 1998 and has spent countless hours playing the game. Now he is the Head of eFootball in NFF (The Norwegian FA). In 2019, Bretvik has been a studio expert in Eserien, the e-sport equivalent of the Norwegian Eliteserien.

Håvard Fantoft Grutle (TV 2)

Info TBA.


August ”Agge” Rosenmeier (North)

Agge is the most-winning danish FIFA player of all time. His biggest achievement to date is his World Cup gold medal in 2014. Agge has previously played in Paris Saint-Germain og is now playing for North in Denmark.
In 2019 Agge won the 2nd Season of eSuperligaen with his team mates Marcuzo and MadsR.

Anders Rasmussen (Brann)

Anders Rasmussen was Brann's first ever E-sport signing, and is now the club's captain. Rasmussen became the Norwegian National FIFA Champion last year, and as a result was rewarded with a spot on the Norwegian National Team.


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Restaurant (Ground floor)
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen

Info and Registration


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