JournalismAI Festival

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The worlds of artificial intelligence and journalism meet again in 2021.


29. November - 3. December.

Time: 08:00


Organized by JournalismAI

Since 2019, JournalismAI has spread knowledge and know-how about the potential of artificial intelligence for journalism. Our community has grown manifold, encompassing a network of people, countries, and news organisations from across the globe.

Last year, we hosted the first-ever JournalismAI Festival, to celebrate the progress we made as an industry. This year, we’re back and we strive to break new ground. We can't wait to host the second edition of the JournalismAI Festival between 29 November and 3 December 2021.

The use of AI in journalism has evolved significantly over the last year. Join us at the Festival to find out how and to keep learning together!



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