mcb tech .20 online


Nothing can hold us back. We are going live with mcb tech .20 - just a bit differently! It's time to get a tech update from some of the brightest minds in the industry.


11. June.

Time: 13:00 - 15:00


Join us for an out of the ordinary virtual studio experience with this stellar line up:

The US professor who took Cambridge Analytica to court for access to his personal data, is back with an update on this disturbing story. Cambridge Analytica accessed the data of near 90 million Facebook users without their consent to target advertising for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

Carroll has become a leading advocate for data privacy rights in the United States, and is also featured by Netflix in the film The Great Hack, a documentary providing an inside look into the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Carroll´s fight for his own data. Was he finally able to get his data back? Is data privacy improved as the next election is coming up?

The prominent philosopher and author, Henrik Syse, will look into how humans relate to the concept of the future, how tech advancements impact us and which dilemmas occur. Is there a connection between ethics, philosophy and technology? Tune in and find out!

They’re back! Our good friends Jacob Lovén and Tom Xiong from Digitally China are serving us the latest on tech developments in China. The dynamic duo will be highlighting concrete examples of how innovation from Asia, mainly driven by China, is changing the world and also connecting it to the larger trends happening globally, impacting the western markets in a pivotal way.

A tradition in the mcb tech capacity! Only this time we are bringing you to him, and to the high tech, future focused, highly disruptive, borderline crazy and slightly chaotic NRK Beta Sandbox. The Chief Media Cluster Nerd himself will give you an update on the latest emerging technologies and demonstrate his latest gear.

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