Media Cluster Relay


10. June.

Time: 10:30 - 11:00


– It’s simple. It works, says Fadi Radi, Creative Director of Al Arabiya, when asked why solutions from the Norwegian Media Cluster is so well embraced by Al Arabiya.
Did you know that several of the companies in the Norwegian Media Cluster integrate with each other? In this presentation, you will see how.
– People in Media City Bergen are sitting together, integrating things together and working towards a better future for the industry, said Radi when interviewed on VizrTV in 2020, and the same holds true today.
Becoming a tradition during Future Week, we invite several of our Media Cluster members to showcase on stage how they all work to integrate their solutions, passing on the baton to the next company in line in the value chain. The collaboration between a range of members creates a strong value chain of media solutions, providing a seamless experience for their users. Join this session to witness the power of collaboration.
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This event is a part of the Media City Bergen Future Week, a media and mediatech festival consisting of a number of research seminars, conferences, workshops, breakfast ­meetings, popup talks, entertainment, demos, presentations, debates, talks, and discussions. Save the dates 7 - 10 June, for Future Week 22, a week of inspiring events in Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger.
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