Show & Tell: Student Edition


(THIS EVENT IS FOR MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA CLUSTER) Show & Tell with a twist! On Tuesday February 13, we will host the first ever Show & Tell: Student Edition at Media City Bergen Media Lab.


13. February.

Time: 15:00 - 17:00



Show & Tell with a twist! On Wednesday February 13, 15-17, we will host the first ever Show & Tell: Student Edition at Media City Bergen Media Lab. There will be presentations on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Ethics and Intelligent User Interfaces, followed by a demo of the student projects in our workshop-area. 


For this Student themed Show & Tell, we will have a special introduction from Knut Olav Åmås, Executive Director of the Fritt Ord Foundation. Åmås will talk about UiB’s brand new Centre for Investigative Journalism in Media City Bergen

Groundbreaking journalism that becomes vital to society is seldom created in isolated editorial offices. It will flourish in interdisciplinary hubs that are open and sharing, consisting of journalists, technologists, academic researchers and others. What sorts of journalism does Norway need in the years to come? What's the potential of Media City Bergen in this situation? And what could a Norwegian centre for investigative journalism contribute?

'AI – Why is there Danger? 
by Marija Slavkovic, Associate Professor at UiB

Mainstream media is flooded with discussions about Artificial Intelligence. But AI is not new: AI-based solutions have been around since the late 70’s. Why is it only now that we are concerned about the ethics and dangers of using AI? 

by Daniel Valland, Former Master's Student in Information Science at UiB.

When the Norwegian Oil Fund decides to invest, it has to follow some ethical guidelines, like for instance not investing in companies that use child labour. What if the decision where to invest is not done by people but by an algorithm? How can we make sure that the ethical guidelines are respected? N.O.F.I.D is a prototype decision support system that seeks to embed ethical considerations in automated financial investment decisions to balance the dilemma that can arise between profit and ethics.

by Vidar Daatland, Master's Student in Media and Interaction Design at UiB

Do you want spider-sense? Introducing Q, an early warning-system that uses AI, machine learning, computer vision and computer hearing with the goal of faster and more reliable communication when you are in danger.

'Endless Note'
by Sara Pedersen Stene, Master's Student in Media and Interaction Design at UiB

Do you want to play piano like Elton John? By using artificial intelligence, the virtual music teacher Mozart can teach you how to play what you want, like who you want. Endless Note provides modern music learning and endless access to notes and music.

Show & Tell is our unformal, laidback arena, where you can meet other cluster members and learn about the latest innovations in the cluster. Food, snacks and drinks are on us!

When: February 13, 15-17. 
Where: MCB Media Lab (Tower 3, 9th floor)

We will register people by the entrance to the Media Lab. Have your tickets ready.

If you have any questions, contact: Kristoffer Hammer ( or Morten Dahle (


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