UiB MIX250 2022 Student Demo

UiB MIX250 2022 students present their final bachelor’s projects about new AI and UX technologies for content analysis and production in journalism.


8. June.

Time: 12:00 - 12:50


Join us and test the prototypes the final year UiB students made during the winter. They have explored new services for content analysis and production in journalism in collaboration with five Norwegian companies. And who will win the MVP Award?

At this event you can test out the five prototypes made by the bachelor students in Media and Interaction Design at UiB. A jury will give out the MVP Award for the first time! The five prototypes have been made in collaboration with the companies Factiverse, Future Solutions, Nagra Kudelski, NTB and Wolftech.


12.00 - 12.05. Lars Nyre introduces the event.
12.05 - 12.15. The five groups present their project in the following order: MicroFact for Factiverse, VINK for Future Solutions, CheckMate for Nagra, NTB Byline and Wolftech Feeds. Read more about the projects below.
12.15 - 12.40. StudentDemo. The audience will be able to move from stand to stand and try out the prototypes, and talk to the students about the projects.
12.40 - 12.50. The jury, led by Geir Terje Ruud, announces the winner of the "MVP Award 2022". Read more about the award below.

The MVP Award 2022

The projects will be evaluated by an expert jury consisting of Geir Terje Ruud (independent consultant, formerly at NTB), Kristin Vatland (Director of Innovation Management at Nagra Kudelski), Sergej Stoppel (Director of Research And Innovation at Wolftech), Christen Hermansen (Project Manager at Future Solutions) and Gaute Kokkvoll (Product Manager at Factiverse). The jury assesses which project has the best chance of becoming a real product in the media industry - hence the title the "MVP Award" (minimum viable product). The winning group will receive flowers at the event, and will receive a gold-plated diploma in the mail later on.

The event will be hosted by UiB staff professor Lars Nyre. UiB teachers Tien Nguyen and Joao Ribeiro are responsible for the course, but they are away and Nyre will represent them. Master students Simon Ravndal Iden and Willem Percyval Westli have been assistant teachers.

MicroFact for Factiverse
MicroFact is a toolkit that provides an easy to use interface with automated AI to help journalists provide more context to articles where they feel the need to add it. Our goal is to give journalists the time to focus on writing, as well as give the reader a more in depth understanding.

Made by John Minh Le, Jonas Gripsrud Hjelmeland, Marie Søvik Bakkevold, Sebastian Taylor, Valerie Joanne Halvorsen and Vegard Ingebrigtsen Feste.

VINK for Future Solutions

VINK is a new tool for journalists that will change the way journalists communicate and connect with their readers! Working on a new case? Reach out to your audience by submitting queries and let the readers know exactly what kind of tip is wanted. Readers can easily submit tips in the app. The tip will then appear in the journalists Vink-platform - where all leads and incoming information is gathered for easy access!

Made by Anine Hamre Jakobsen, Christina Maria Osborne, Ellen Sofie Engen, Helene Høylandskjær, Julia Hellem Brandt, Julie Sofie Berntsen and Une Kristina Halvorsen.

CheckMate for Nagra
Consumers today unknowingly accept and share news, videos and articles, that may not be true. So how do we fix this? Together with Nagra Kudelski, we created Checkmate: A Chrome Extension that validates news sites, news articles, images and videos for the users while they are browsing. Several technical and ethical factors need to be carefully considered, our contribution to Nagra is the first of many steps toward a real solution to the challenge of misinformation. Nagra is currently working on the feasibility of Checkmate, which underlines that this project has real potential.

Made by Kristin Forsberg Dahle, Sigrid Hoddø Bakås, Susanne Ryland, Vendel Amalie Eikemo and Yara Corte-Real Mathisen.

NTB Byline
NTB Byline is an automatic article generator for journalists working at NTB. Byline elevates the basic tool that was used to generate covid-19 articles, enabling journalists at NTB, and in the future, all of Scandinavia, to generate hundreds or even thousands of automated articles from just one data source. The prototype takes the user through the journey of generating robot articles from start to finish. Byline allows journalists to choose datasets, edit the automatically generated articles and produce hundreds of articles that are ready for publishing within a few minutes. NTB Byline will free journalists from the mundane data-driven article-writing, and empower them to do the independent, investigative long-form journalistic work that drives society forward.

Made by Birgitte Strand, Even Sæbø Berntsen, Henrik Samset, Kamilla Wigestrand, Olivia Louise Glittenberg and Trine Mjaatvedt.

Wolftech Feeds
Wolftech Feeds is a segment of the Wolftechs NEWS tool which has now been improved beyond the current feed columns. The aim is to make journalists’ research process more organised and compelling while adding features to personalise the experience. The tool is now extended to include two new pages, a customisable dashboard based on widgets, and a discover page, including a list view and a map view. The current feeds page has been revamped. An intelligent AI search function based on entities and background information added to the search entities provides journalists with a fast way of keeping up with the subject.

Made by Emma Hjellestad, Erling Stavn Qvale, Marina Heggernes Jensen, Markus Berg Hannevik and Yiwen Jiang.

This event is a part of the Media City Bergen Future Week, a media and mediatech festival consisting of a number of research seminars, conferences, workshops, breakfast ­meetings, popup talks, entertainment, demos, presentations, debates, talks, and discussions. Save the dates 7 - 10 June, for Future Week 22, a week of inspiring events in Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger.
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