Published 24.10.2018
There will be parallel sessions all over Media City Bergen during MCB Future Week (June 11-14). Most sessions are free and open to everyone, but some will require registration (marked with "Reg. for" Sessions in Norwegian are marked (NO). All other sessions are in English. With the exception of the mcb tech conference Thursday, and the Product Discovery Workshop on Friday, everything is free and open to all.

Full program in calendar view

Full program in calendar view, download pdf

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(Please not that the program is subject to change and will be updated continuously)


(Ground Floor)

Reg. for: 08.00-10.00: Cross Industry Visualization; PropTech meets Media Tech (NO)

By PropTech Innovation and NCE Media. Talks will be given in Norwegian. Read more

(Tower 1, 2nd floor)

Topic: Automating Media Content Production (EN)

10.00-10.45: News Angler – Discovering Unexpected Connections in the News (EN)

How do we apply semantic technologies to publish news in different angles? 
By Andreas L. Opdahl, professor in information Science, University of Bergen and project leader of News Angler. Seminar will be given in English.
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11.00-11.45: Better Video Workflows via Real-Time Collaboration and AI Techniques in Television and New Media (EN)

How can we improve video workflows through AI techniques and real time collaboration?
By Frode Guribye, Professor in Information Science, University of Bergen and project leader of the Video Workflows project. Seminar will be given in English.
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13.00-15.00: UiB Student Demo 2019 (EN)

Five new Prototypes by BA in New Media students at UiB in MCB in collaboration with BT, Vimond, TV2, M’Labs and Future Solutions. UiB students present their final bachelor’s projects about new media technologies for publishing and advertising. Demo will be given in English. Read More

(Ground floor)

08.00-10.00: Kickoff
The official kickoff of Future Week 2019!

10.00-11.00: Augment Your Reality (EN)

The future of media starts here. Learn how world leader Vizrt, and startup Ludenso use augmented reality to boost creativity and visualize stories to engage the audiences. Also, have a first look at the AR graphics from TV 2 for the upcoming election. With Chris Black, Head of Content and Communications, Vizrt, and Ingrid Skrede, CMO of Ludenso, TV 2 (Speaker to be decided).

12.00-12.30: Always a Kickoff (NO)

This year, TV 2 has really lived up to its slogan: Always a kickoff. From August to June, the channel has shown over 700 live football matches on its platforms. Why all this football? By Eystein Thue, Head of Football, TV 2. Talk will be given in Norwegian. Read more

14.00-14.30: Shaping the Future of Broadcast (EN)

TV 2 has ambitions to become the smartest media corporation in Europe. One giant step is a brand new digital value chain and workflow. Lear how TV 2 has changed its entire technology platform and the way they work to meet the future challenges of broadcasting. By Kjell Ove Skarsbø and Hege Marie Kallestad. Talk will be given in English. Read More

15.00-16.00: Back to the Future (EN)

How can some ideas and concepts from the past be brought back to life with new technology, much to the delight of the audience? By Paul Macklin, Vimond and Frøy Gudbrandsen, Bergens Tidende. Talk will be given in English. Read More


16.00-17.00: A Brief History of Computer Art (EN)

The stunning imagery and beautiful code aims to inspire the audience to discover the rich world of computer art. By Anders Norås, CTO Itera. Talk will be given in English. Read more

(Tower 3, 9th floor)

Reg. for: 09.00-11.00: Storytelling in the Age of Mobile First (EN)

How do we tell stories specifically for mobile devices, including long pieces and investigative reports? Learn how to present the story that make reading long pieces easier on mobile devices. Seminar will be given in English.

By Dr. Mario Garcia, CEO/Founder of Garcia Media, and Senior Adviser for News Design/Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. More info and registration 

11.00-11.30: NRK: Snowhow in HDR (NO)

Svein Haaland (prosjektleder) og Odd Arne Olderbakk (fotograf) presenterer Snowhow, en nordisk dokumentarserie om den nordiske vinteren. Dette er en unik serie der NRK, SVT og YLE samarbeider. Serien er spesiell også ved at den er laget i HDR. Hvilke krav stilles av fotograf og utstyr? 

A new documentary capturing the beauty of the Nordic Winter, in a way you’ve never seen before.

Svein Haaland (project manager) and Odd Arne Olderbakk (photographer) present Snowhow, a Nordic documentary series on the Nordic winter. This is a unique cooperation between NRK, SVT and YLE. The series is special also because it is made in HDR. What are the requirements of the photographer and equipment?

12.00-12.30: Full Circle

The challenge of building an urban waste management ecosystem all the way from sensors to circular business models.

Anders Waage Nilsen is a partner in NEW & company, a tech columnist in Dagens Næringsliv and a hands-on product developer. He has originally background as journalist, back in the days he founded Fri Flyt magazine and helped establish the Netlife design agency in Bergen. Today he and a team of senior developers spends time developing WasteIQ - a data plattform for making sense of the data in modern waste infrastructure. The project is a collaboration with BIR, the public waste management organization in Bergen. The plattform enriches and structures data from IoT-devices so that they can create value in the form of new business models and user experiences. In his talk he will talk about the challenges of a systems-oriented design approach, and the importance of creating an ecosystem around your product.

Reg. for: 15:00-18:00: Machine Learning Workshop (EN)

During the workshop you will gain insight into the underlying methodology and how you can evaluate functional correctness, by working through examples and practical exercises as a group. Among other things, we will look at content-based methods, collaborative filtering with matrix factorization, and sequence prediction with deep neural networks.

The exercises will be conducted with Python and requires that you (or someone accompanying you to the workshop) is familiar with basic programming and that you bring your own device.
If machine learning has seemed like a mythical domain to you, this workshop will provide you with a better understanding of the process and help you get started with your own projects. Talk will be given in english. Register


(Ground Floor)

Reg. for: 08.00-10.00: Future Week; The AI Impact on Media (EN)

Future Week includes a special AI-track with several different case presentations. You will meet Lars Kristensen (NRK) who will talk about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the media industry in the years to come. You will be able to enjoy the Fonn Group spinoff Mjoll’s Steinar Søreide, specializing in using AI for metadata, video analysis, object recognition, speech to text analysis and captioning, and more. You will meet Yves Bergquist from Corto and USC ETC, as well as Doug Clark, EMEA leader for IBM Watson Media. Presentations will be given in English. Breakfast will be served at 08.00 and program starts at 08.30. Read more

Reg. for: 13.30-15.00: E-sports and eFootball in the Nordics (EN)

Presentations from North, NFF and TV 2, Interview with August "Agge" Rosenmeier (North) and Anders Rasmussen (Brann). The session also include a debate on the rise of e-sport in the Nordics. More info

Reg. for: 
17.00-19.00: Building Your Corporate Innovation Ecosystem (EN)

Get to know the key elements established companies need to build in order to succeed with innovation – and get practical tips from how DNB build their innovation ecosystem. By Lean Startup Circle Bergen, Bruno Pešec, Senior Innovation Coach, DNB, and Ove Kvalsvik, Founder and Consultant, 20-10. Read more

(Tower 1, 2nd floor)

Topic: Technologies of the Self in the Digital Media Age (EN)

10.00-10.20: From Personal Data to Human Ledger (EN)

How to have a search engine for your personal experience?
By Duc Tien Dang Nguyen, Associate Professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies in Media City Bergen, University of Bergen. Seminar will be given in English.
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10.30-10.50: BioMedia - The Important Role of Multimedia Research for Healthcare (EN)

Future research directions in the intersection of computer science and medicine to improve the healthcare system. By Michael Riegler, Senior Researcher at SimulaMet. Seminar will be given in English. Read More 

11.00-11.20: The Virtual Self

How can VR change our Selves? What will happen in the future when we spend an increasing amount of time in Virtual Reality? In his presentation, Vindenes will discuss how can VR be used for good, and even work as a catalysator for changing and exploring our selves. Perhaps what isolates us the most from the ourselves and the real world may also have the power to reveal it to us the most clearly. With Joakim Vindenes, PhD student, Dept of Information Science and Media Studies, UiB Read More

1.30-12.00: Liveling

Telling your own live stories with professional broadcasting tools. Liveling has developed innovative tools for doing multicamera live broadcasting in a minimal setup, combining streaming from mobile phones with robust synchronisation and professional production features. New tools like these open up for a broad range of new live storytelling and broadcasters are finding dedicated audiences willing to pay for original content. With Oscar Juhlin, Professor at Stockholm University at the Departement of Computing and Systems Sciences and Professor II at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at Bergen University. Read more

13.15-14.45: Elections, Privacy Data, and Violations of Law – The Severe Democratic Challenge (EN)

Cambridge Analytica (CA) secretly collected 87 million Facebook user’s data. David Carroll legally challenged CA to recapture his voter profile. The parent company of CA, SCL Elections, was fined. On challenges for democracy and the 2016 US Presidential Elections, Brexit, and the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook Scandal.

With David Carroll, Associate Professor, The New School. Discussion panel: Frøy Gudbrandsen, Political Editor, Bergens Tidende; Truls Pedersen, Associate Professor in Information Science, University of Bergen; Sjur Dyrkolbotn, Associate Professor in Law and Technology, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Moderator: Per Christian Magnus, Head of Centre for Investigative Journalism, University of Bergen at Media City Bergen. Seminar will be given in English. Read More

(Ground floor)

10.00-10.15: 12 Buzzwords in 12 Minutes (EN)

What are design systems? How about dark data? Get to know the basics of a good handful of buzzwords in record time as Anders takes you on a tour de force trough 12 selected by his audience. By Anders Norås, CTO, Itera. Talk will be given in English. Read more

10.30-11.00: NRK: Norge Rundt – Back to the Future (NO)

How do some ideas and concepts survive the test of time without the help of new technology, modern gadgets or fancy overhauls?

Bli med på et dypdykk i et helt spesielt mediefenomen. Norge Rundt er i sitt 43. år, med tilsynelatende never ending popularitet.

This talk will be given in Norwegian. Read more


11.30-11.45: 4.294.967.295 - A number, Three Accidents and a Looming Catastrophe (EN)

At first glance, 4,294,967,295 seems like a pretty large, yet innocent number. Easy mistake to make. Anders talks about the trouble this figure has created, and why it will cause the end of the world in 2038. Talk will be given in English. By Anders Norås, CTO Itera. Read more

12.30-12.30: TV 2: AR – When Votes Counts (NO)

TV 2 has one of Europe's most advanced TV studios in Media City Bergen.
During the election this autumn, TV 2 from this studio will present election results in a modern and forward-looking manner.
Join us and see how TV 2 changes our perception of so-called "visual storytelling" and how the broadcaster will give the audience greater understanding and more insight with the use of AR graphics and other visual elements, but also ballpoint pen and calculator. Talk will be given in Norwegian. Read More 

13.30-14.30: Russia's Secret War against the West (NO)

Cyber attacks, data espionage, propaganda and fake news. Russia has started a secret war against the West. It does not resemble other wars, and is done in ways we couldn't imagine a few years ago. Also against Norway. What does Putin really want and what can we do to protect ourselves from the "hybrid threat" from the east? By Øystein Bogen, TV 2. Talk will be given in Norwegian. Read More

14.30-15.30: Meteorologist Gone Tech; Meteorological crowdsourcing (EN)

How can the power of crowds help improve tomorrow's weather reports? With following debate: How can the power of crowds help improve tomorrow's weather reports?
By Scott Bremer, Diana Wildschut, Joachim Reuder (all UiB), and Ingrid Støver Jensen (YR/NRK) Moderated by Ronald Toppe (Scary Weather). 
Read more

15.30-16.00: Meteorologist Gone Tech; Next Generation's AR Weather Forecast (EN)

How can complex climate changes and weather phenomena be explained using AR? By Fadi Radi, Head of Creative at Al Arabiya. Read More

16.00-16.30:  Showkamp FIFA 19: North (Agge) vs. Brann (Anders Rasmussen)

In this special exhibition match, two of the best FIFA players in the Nordics will go head to head in Media City Bergen:
Former World Champion in FIFA, August "Agge" Rosenmeier, who plays for North, will meet Anders Rasmussen, pro player for SK Brann. 
Read More

16.30-18.30: FIFA19 - PLAY A PRO 

Go head to head with the pros, including 2x World Champion "Agge", in Media City Bergen on June 12. The event starts at 16.45 in the Media CIty Bergen Atrium and IS OPEN TO ALL – bring a friend and try your luck against "Agge" (North), Erland Lie Bjørneberg (Brann), and Amalie Snøløs (Influencer and FIFA player) Read More

(Tower 3, 9th floor)

10.00-11.00: Make Your Data Come Alive (EN)

How data visualization can fuel your digital storytelling. With Håvard Tveit (Highsoft) and Lasse Lambrechts (Bergens Tidende). Talk will be given in English. Read more

Reg. for: 11.30-15.00: Build your own AR app (EN)

Learn how to program your first Augmented Reality (AR) app in just a few hours! You will learn to make a cute dragon hatchling appear in real life, and control it through the use of physical tracker objects. Ingrid Skrede from Ludenso will run the workshop. The workshop requires no previous programming experience. NB:You will need to bring your own computer and a pair of headphones. Talks will be given in English, and registration is required. More info & registration

Reg. for: 14.00-15.00: Annonseøkonomi (NO)

Hvordan kan de redaksjonelle mediene utnytte sitt fortrinn i annonsemarkedet? 

MBL og NCE Media inviterer til seminar, der vi blant annet får presentert en ny undersøkelse i regi ANFO og MBL med interessante funn knyttet til Brand Safety, og hvordan norske annonsører havner på såkalte fake news siter. Vi skal også innom temaet Facebook og svindelannonser. 

Info og registrering finner du her.

Reg. for: 16.00-19.00: Meteorologist Gone Tech; Workshop: Build your own Weather Sensor and Bring it Home (EN)

Sign up for our "The Future of Weather Forecasts"-track today, where you will build and take home your very own weather station – for free. Max 40 seats. By Scott Bremer (UiB), Diana Wildschut (UiB). Talks will be given in English, and registration is required. More info and registration


(Lower level, entrance from Atrium)

Reg. for: 08.00-16.00: mcb tech .19 (Tickets required)

A joint initiative between NCE Finance Innovation and NCE Media, mcb tech .19 is the future-focused conference for C-Level executives from all businesses. Once again we present a stellar lineup: Marty Cagan, David Carroll, Yves Bergquist, Shivvy Jervis, Eirik Solheim, Håkon Pettersen and Tom Osnes Svellingen. Get your ticket here


(Ground Floor)

Reg. for: 17.00-19.30 Meetup: Dive into Data Science (EN)

The Data Science community in Bergen will get together to discuss various topics related to the data science field. This is an opportunity for all the people interested to learn and discuss key aspects of practical data science. Presentations will range from basic to advanced level.​  Sign up


(Ground Floor)

12.45-13.00: VR and Industry: This time it's for real

Nagelld highlights how relevant content combined with new presentation technologies are transforming industries to be more sustainable. By Helge Bjordal, CEO, Nagelld. Talk will be given in English. Read More

(Ground Floor)

Reg. for: 08.00-10.00 The Algorithm Driven News Room 

Artificial Intelligence technology has made its entry into the media industry. Content producers and publishers, faced with demanding customers and challenged budgets, see great potential from the use of machine learning, personalization, automation and even autonomous generation of content. BT will soon allow algorithms to control the front page, and other publishers are planning to do the same. What content will the readers be served? And is the editor giving up control? By Truls André Pedersen, UiB, Derek Bjølgerud, TV 2, Jan Stian Vold, BT, Inge Thorud, NRK

14.00-15.00 Design thinking + smidig = ❤️ (NO)

Design thinking har tatt verden med storm – i og utenfor designbransjen. Agile prosesser omhandler iterative forbedringer gjennom kontinuerlig feiling, læring og implementering. Ved å sette dem sammen kan man oppnå smarte, relevante og effektive løsninger på kundens premisser. Men hvordan kan det gjøres det i praksis? Det skal vi fortelle deg. Ved tjenestedesigner Sverre Helland og løsningsarkitekt Krister Karto, Knowit Experience.

(Tower 3, 9th floor)

Reg. for: 09.00-16.00Product Discovery Workshop with Marty Cagan (SOLD OUT)

This is a special 1-day training workshop specifically designed for product leaders, product managers and product owners from technology-powered product companies that want to dive very deep into the product role and learn the leading edge product discovery practices from the very best technology-enabled product companies in the world. This talk will be given in English. 

By Marty Cagan, Founder of Silicon Valley Product Group.  

(Ground floor)

09.00-10.00: Citizen Next (EN)

In the future, we will relate to a physical, a digital and a virtual world. This will demand a lot from us, and will compel us to collaborate, learn and work differently. How can we work together and learn? And what skills must we possess to connect the physical and virtual worlds? In this session, you will meet three different perspectives on the future of collaboration and learning. With Dr Siv Midtun Hollup (UiB/Kantega), Carl Andreas Myrland (Østvang skole/Lær Kidsa Koding), and Steffen Myklebust, Bouvet. Presentations in English.

Read more

10.00-10.30: The Art of Getting More Users of Digital Content (NO)

In the battle for audience attention and time, accessibility is a very important tool. NRK shares tips and tricks. Presentations in Norwegian. With Siri Antonsen, Head of Accessibility, NRK, and Kristoffer Lium, Digital Accessibility Expert, NRK. Read More

10.30-11.15: Media Cluster Relay (EN)

The Norwegian Media Cluster has a long tradition of collaboration and cooperation. By working together, products and solutions can be integrated to create a strong and solid value chain. Like Lego bricks are assembled, the companies work to connect their respective solutions. Check out our informative and entertaining Media Cluster Relay and see how cluster companies are one big happy family. With: Mjoll (Steinar Søreide), Vimond(Yofri Yasar), TV 2 (Hege Marie Kallestad), Electric Friends (Anders Tomren) & Vizrt (speaker TBA). Talks will be given in English. Read more 

13.00-14.00: Live Podcast: Kjersti Løken Stavrum and guests (NO)

The popular podcast Tinius Talks from the Tinius Trust will be recorded live from the Media Bar on the last day of Future Week. Kjersti Løken Stavrum, CEO Tinius Trust, will talk to Grethe Hjetland, CEO Highsoft, Kjetil Moland Olsen, PM Vimond, Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO Vizrt and Anne Jacobsen, CEO Media City Bergen.

Join this LIVE podcast, ask your own questions and gain new insight on the future of media business.

This session will be in Norwegian.  Read More

14.00-15.00: 10 years of Slow TV (NO)

Daring to fail. A culture of innovation in slow motion, presented by the "father of Slow TV", Thomas Hellum, Project Manager, Photographer, and Producer at NRK Hordaland, and Eirik Solheim, Strategic advisor at NRK NRK. Read more

15.00-16.00: Live Podcast: Eli Kari Gjengedal and Ingeborg Myhre (NO)

Eli Kari and Ingeborg are excited about the future and how they will relate to all the new technology. Could it become too exciting for grown-up ladies? Podcast language: Norwegian Read more

(Tower 1, 3rd floor)

Reg. for: 11.00-13.00: Seminar: NDI - Cost-effective Video-over-IP (EN)

Looking to learn more about NDI, how to use this in your video production, about compatible equipment and more? This talk will be given in English, and registration is required. Sign up for the seminar here 

(Tower 1, 6th floor)

Reg. for: 09.00-11.30: AR & Graphics Track (EN)

Vizrt opens its doors to their premises on the 6th floor and invites you to five exciting presentations. 
Meet Dr. Nils Jacob Berland, CEO of Bergen Robotics, Ingrid Skrede, CMO of Ludenso, Keith Mellingen, VR & AR Director in Rainfall, Elise Mari Virge and Maren Eia from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Gustav Tresselt, Founder of TenkLabs.

(Lower level, entrance from Atrium)

Reg. for: 10.00-12.30: Workshop: The Powerpoint is Dead - Video/AR for Speakers (EN)

Learn how to augment your presentation and communicate through new formats like video with AR, holograms, VR and live and on-demand streaming. This seminar is aimed at communicators and presenters, to learn how new formats and new scenes already is an accessible tool, to present professional looking video and on site experiences for an audience – beyond the PowerPoint. More info to come.