The Virtual Reality Hype and Promises: Past, Present, and Future

What is the future of VR and AR as a technology for enjoyment, education, and behavior change?


12. June.

Time: 11:30 - 12:00


The future of virtual and augmented reality technologies has been estimated to be a $200 billion industry by the year 2022. Currently, however, few people own equipment for VR. Furthermore, years of research in human-computer interaction points to problematic side-effects such as dizziness, headaches, and muscular fatigue from the use of VR/AR equipment.

At the same time, VR applications are highly successful in specific domains such as exposure therapy for social phobias, visualizing complex building structures for development, and instructional demonstrations in industry. This talk will review the promises of VR and AR as a technology for enjoyment, education, and behavior change.

Eivind Flobak is a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Bergen. He is currently working on a transdisciplinary health project at the intersection of HCI, psychology, nursing, and software engineering. Eivind’s PhD project is concerned with how we can include experts by experience in the design of new technology for mental-health care. Past publications include design methods for VR, conversational interfaces for self-screening of mental health issues, and automatic behavioral interventions for adults with ADHD.

This event is part of the Media City Bergen Future Week on June 11-14.
50+ events will be taking place inside the Media City Bergen building, and all focused on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven and shaped by technology.

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