Published 26.04.2018
A Digital Dragon Rises, and it will Affect us all: The second wave of digital innovation is about to hit us - but instead of looking to Silicon valley, you should look east!

A Digital Dragon Rises, and it will Affect us all
By Tom Xiong & Jacob Lovén, Digital Dragon

From the world's largest internet population, a new world order has been created. Digital China has outgrown the rest of the world and has become the only real competitor to Silicon Valley. But what can we learn from studying the world's largest digital population and its services and companies? How are we affected going forward?

The Digital Dragon is bringing you on a journey where we explore extreme digital development, future user behavior and global tech competition in the world's most important digital market.

At mcb tech .18 you will meet Tom Xiong, the founder of Move Shanghai, a leading health and fitness platform in China, and Jacob Lovén, Head of Innovation at OMD, one of Sweden's largest media agencies, responsible to help large brands accelerate their digital transformation. Since the duo launched the podcast The Digital Dragon in 2016 it has become one of the most influential voices about how technology from the East and specifically China is overtaking Silicon Valley and impacting the rest of the world. Tom Xiong and Jacob Lovén addresses the digital transformation, disruptive technologies, digital strategy and user trends.