The Norwegian Media Cluster Wins EU Funding for AI

Published 28.11.2019
The Media Cluster has been appointed one of four core environments for AI expertise in Europe. – An important recognition of the cluster capabilities and competence, says Haavard Myklebust, chair of the Media Cluster Board.

EU has awarded NOK 17 million (1,7 million Euro) to the project MediaMotorEurope. Together with three other hubs in Europe, NCE Media will help companies using AI to solve challenges in the media to scale. 

– It’s a significant award, and an exciting opportunity that can give Norwegian companies an extra thrust as they go out into the world, Myklebust continues.

– It’s great to see the Media Cluster achieve recognition in Europe as an important center of expertise for AI and Machine Learning related to the media industry. 


Deep tech
Deep tech entrepreneurs with solutions that can solve challenges in the media, will soon be able to obtain support to scale up from NCE Media. MME will focus on companies that have solutions based on machine learning that can help drive challenges for the media, such as fake news, accessibility, UX and data management. The purpose is to help them get ready to work with major clients and be introduced where there are real opportunities.


High competence network
NCE Media is a key partner in the project, together with three other media- and accelerator hubs in Europe; VRT in Flanders, Belgium, Sofia Knowledge City, Bulgaria and Thermi Group in Greece. FastTrack, the investor network and F6S, the world’s biggest network of startups are also in the consortium. The Media Cluster Incubator, VIS Mediekuben, will also partner with NCE Media in this project.

The project starts in January 2020 and will last for two years. There will be four calls for entrepreneurs to join the programme. The project does not offer direct funding for entrepreneurs but will facilitate the opportunity to pitch to our network of investors.

More info, contact:
EU Advisor Kristoffer Hammer: 48409308 or kristoffer()
CEO Anne Jacobsen: 41413341 or anne()