Grow Your Business and Learn from 100+ Global Leaders

Published 19.02.2018
Connect, Learn, and Innovate with the Media and Technology Industry inside Media City Bergen. (Photo illustration)

This is your chance! After receiving numerous requests, and seeing tremendous interest, the Norwegian Media cluster will now open its doors to companies outside the media industry, who wish to learn from the best. Challenges surrounding digitalization impact all industries as they must innovate, collaborate, learn and develop. The highly successful media cluster, where 82 % of members launch new innovations every year, has built its success on competence, new business models, cutting-edge solutions and a uniquely collaborative environment.

Now you can take part in this through a brand new Business Associate Program open to companies outside the media industry, such as finance, health care, public utilities, consulting, maritime, offshore and more.

Learn and Innovate With Us
With more than 100 members that span the media technology value chain, Media City Bergen is the place to connect, learn, innovate, and develop your business. 

- Our Associate Program is geared towards companies that recognize the value of participation and network in the vast number of activities, events, and innovation projects we drive. We offer opportunities for Business Associates to join this unique innovation ecosystem, and seek forward-leaning companies who wish to collaborate, to share their expertise and to learn from others, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media.

Leading Environment for Innovation and Knowledge
Fueled by the growth of companies like Vizrt, Vimond, TV 2, Mediability and Sixty, in cooperation with the University of Bergen, the Media Cluster has set out to be the world’s leading international environment for innovation and knowledge in media, digital communication and visualization technologies. Media City Bergen, a state-of-the art campus and environment, serves as the Media Cluster headquarters, where many of the activities take place.

- We organize events, activities, seminars, workshops, conferences and study tours. All to strengthen competence, skills, innovation, and collaboration in the Media Cluster. By joining the new Business Associate Program you will be able to attend most of these events, courses and study tours – totally free of charge, says Jacobsen.  

The Media Lab
The Media Cluster has built a development lab sandbox environment where engineers can innovate, test and integrate solutions. The Media Cluster initiates research and product development projects, placing solutions into real-life application in several different areas, also outside traditional media. This creates an especially highly competent environment, with its very own dynamic, innovating in areas such as AR/VR, tools for 360 video, text-to-speech, AI & Machine Learning, visualization, robotics, blockchain, remote production tools and so on.

- We work closely with customers and consumers to understand the industry challenges ahead, and to enable our members to create solutions of tomorrow, today, Jacobsen adds.

Why Join?
Companies accepted into the program will not only have access to participate in events in the Media City Bergen Media Lab, but can also run and host their own events in collaboration with the Cluster organization. By joining the new Business Associate Program you can attend selected courses and study tours – totally free of charge, depending on the level of your membership. You will be ringside to one of the most interesting and forward leaning innovation houses, and learn from the best – skills, methodology and competence that will give your business the edge you need to compete in a digital world. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to build brand awareness to promote and sell your products & services in the Media Cluster network, as well as to increase your customer reach. The company leaders will also have access to the Leader forum "Innovators Circle" for visionary leaders, with exclusive content and ­activities.

To inquire about our Business Associate program, contact NCE Media’s Project Manager, Roy Tore Jensen ([email protected]), for more information.