Become a Trainee at Vimond

Published 14.03.2018
Vimond Media Solutions is looking for talented developers finishing their degrees in the summer.

Vimond Media Solutions is looking for talent to fill two trainee positions for developers at the head office, located in Media City Bergen. 

– We look forward to bringing in young, talented and ambitious people who desire to learn new skills. Technology students nowadays possess great knowledge about streaming technology and streaming services from an end user perspective, and this knowledge will be of great value for us, says Kine Lunde, Director of HR Operations at Vimond.

Seeking talented students
Vimond are looking for students who are currently in their last semester of their master’s or bachelor's studies.

– We’re looking for students who are completing their degree in the summer of 2018. The applicants should be experienced with and have an interest in programming, but beyond that we want to build our team with sharp and enthusiastic people who have a passion for media and technology. Students in informatics or information science are considered prime candidates for the position, but applicants may have complementary knowledge in subjects like business and project management as well. Skilled undergraduates may also be considered – the most important thing is that we recruit the right people, Lunde says. 

Vimonders from day one
Trainees at Vimond will immediately have an important role to play in the company.

– The trainees will become genuine Vimonders from day one and will be integral parts of the team as a whole. During the program the trainees will be working full time at our office, and will be enrolled as regular members of the team after the program has come to an end. What typifies a Vimonder is that he or she brings new ideas to the table and is not afraid to take initiative. Creativity and the ability to think outside the box are highly valued at Vimond.  

Rotational Trainee Program 
During the twelve months of training the trainees will have the opportunity to try their hand at different disciplines within the company – development, operations, sales and internal workshops.  

– Development is key. The trainees will rotate every three to four months and will be given the opportunity to develop and succeed in different areas. A candidate with an understanding of programming thus gets the opportunity to become well versed in new programming languages, operations and project management, Lunde says. 

– Being challenged is a huge part of becoming an expert in your trade
Since the program was launched last year, Vimond has had two trainees working full time at the Bergen office. Per-Øystein Zachariassen joined the program after finishing a degree in computer programming at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

– Working alongside talented and playful people on state of the art technology has been great fun, educational and challenging. I have been entrusted with many tasks involving technology that is new to me, but I have always been given the sufficient support and time to get the job done properly. Being challenged like that is a huge part of becoming an expert in your trade, and I am happy to be in a position where I am entrusted with these challenges, Zachariassen says. 

The other trainee, Kjetil Villanger, holds a master's degree in Information Science from The University of Bergen. 

– It has been great working for Vimond. The people here are very welcoming and enthusiastic about their work. I have worked on a variety of products, and am now in my third rotation, and have learned a lot in each team I've been a part of. 

Why should aspiring developers apply for this program?

– Being a trainee means you get to be followed up and supported by other experienced developers for a whole year, which is incredibly valuable for your own experience. It also means you get to see Vimond from many different angles as you’re being rotated around in the company. This is a really good offer for newly graduated students. It helps you get a good overview of the entire company faster, and you get to try your hand at different kinds of development work before you start focusing specifically in one area. There are many other reasons for wanting to work in Vimond, but I believe these form the foundation of setting yourself up for success in the beginning of your career as a developer, says Zachariassen.  

Kjetil Villanger agrees with his colleague:

– Potential candidates should definitely apply. The main benefit for me was the opportunity to work on different teams and in different parts of the technology stack to find out what team I would like to be a part of more permanently, he says. 

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