«BRA SENDING» launched in Bergen

Published 20.09.2018
Western Norway is getting their own TV-channel by and for people with mental disabilities. Cluster member TV BRA will broadcast a monthly magazine format show through their website. The very first show aired during the launch and celebration at MCB September 13. (Photo: TV Bra)

The very first broadcast of «Bra Sending» can be seen HERE

– Through this channel, we want to give our group an opportunity to partake in the public discourse, and to have a voice in media and culture. We will cover the cheerful and happy stories, but we will also dedicate some air time to the sad stories, says Camilla Kvalheim, Editor and Project Manager of TV BRA.

– Individuals with mental disabilities are faced with a lot of unfairness. Things we take for granted, like finding a place to live or having meaningful work, can be really difficult for them. But this is a resourceful group of people, and I hope this channel will help shatter some myths and misconceptions. I think people will be surprised, she says. 

Based in Nordnes Verksteder in Bergen, TV Bra is an ambitious project, aiming to cover Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Rogaland. TV Bra became a member of the Media Cluster last year. 

May Cecile Valvik, TV BRA's reporter in Florø, goes on air for the first show. Together with her crew, she will be covering Sogn og Fjordane. (Photo: TV Bra)

This project was made possible with funding from Ekstrastiftelsen, but additional funding is needed for long-term running of the operation. The TV channel has already proven to be a good place for talents to grow.

– This is all thanks to Camilla, says talk show host and reporter Isabel Aanes, after the successful launch.

She didn’t have any TV-experience when she joined TV BRA, but just like all other reporters and technical production staff at TV BRA, she got all the training needed. And in her very first show, she is joined by famous TV host Thomas Numme, and actress Anne Sofie Kvalvik, currently starring in Ibsens’s Vildanden at The National Stage, Bergen

Isabel Aanes and Camilla Kvalheim being interviewed by the press during the launch-event. (Photo: TV Bra)

– I still remember my first audition for this job, a few years ago, the TV-host recalls.

– I was struggling really hard to remember names, and what to say, but today, I think it is going quite well.

The very first broadcast of «Bra Sending» can be seen HERE

The band 'Proffene' was entertaining the crowd during the event at Media City Bergen (Photo: TV Bra)

A good crowd showed up for the launch and first broadcast of TV BRA at Media City Bergen. (Photo: TV Bra) 

From the celebration after the launch. (Photo: TV Bra) 

Written by Hilde Gudvangen.