CommuRoom joins the Media Cluster

Published 01.12.2021
CommuRoom offers a self-service studio where you can be part of the presentation and communicate better with your audience. The solution is perfect for web conferences, live exhibitions, streaming, and informational videos.

As the pandemic spread to all corners of the world during the spring of 2020, Hermod Iversen, was to present a brand-new product at an international conference for the shipping industry.  One thing was lacking, the studio solution that covered his needs. The result – he created it.

After the conference, he got a lot of inquiries regarding the product he was presenting, but just as many were asking about the communication platform he was using. It was obvious that they had found a solution, not only for his presentation, but they had created a product that the world was craving, and CommuRoom was created. CommuRoom provides the digital communication sphere with a studio solution that makes it affordable, achievable, and easy to present your product, influence your audience, and give a keynote presentation professionally and advantageously.

– After our first meeting with NCE Media, we quickly realized that the Media Cluster had a network and expertise that was very useful for a startup company like us. We have already used the expertise and people in Media Cluster on several occasions. Becoming a member of the Media Cluster has given us access to professional expertise we did not have. Several of the owners in CommuRoom AS are from entirely different industries. Our experience is that the Media Cluster contributes with professional insight, sparring, networking, and facilitation, which are crucial for a company like us, says Tore Alm-Ingebrigtsen, CEO at CommuRoom.

 CommuRoom smartstudio is a user-friendly platform for digital communication, consisting of Tower, Illusion, and Table. CommuRoom Tower is the recording device, while Illusion is supporting screens for the presenter. CommuRoom Table is the practical podium with space for computers, smartphones, and other devices that control the presentation.

– We have tested the solution's potential and decided to invest and building a robust domestic market has been the short-term focus. We have been fortunate to have customers such as Pfizer AS, Ekornes AS, Eika AS, Stami, and NNL AS. They have provided us with good answers concerning the potential of the solution. In the new working flow, we see that hybrid solutions are of importance, and different companies are craving more professional digital solutions. There is defiantly potential for growth in the Norwegian market. We are also planning to test our solution in the international market, and we are excited to see how it is received. We already have delivered our solution to a Swedish customer and are in dialog with several international companies. A future goal is to establish an "ecosystem" for and with our customers for sharing experiences, making skills available, and sharing cases they have made, says Alm-Ingebrigtsen.