Everviz - the latest spinoff in the Media Cluster

Published 02.03.2020
BERGEN, NORWAY March 1, 2020: Highsoft, the leading provider of charting solutions for web and developers, is pleased to announce the creation of a subsidiary Visual Elements AS, which will take over the development and management of Highsoft’s “Highcharts Cloud” service.

(Top Image: Håvard Tveit, CEO, Everviz. Photo: Highsoft)

As part of this spin-off, the service itself will be rebranded as “Everviz” - but otherwise identical to the latest iteration of the Highcharts Cloud service. “We like to play around with new business and product ideas and incubate those that have a great market potential. ” says Highsoft CEO Grethe Hjetland. “ When Highcharts Cloud found success outside of our traditional developer community, we decided to let this product, and the team behind it, go their own way to maximize its potential. The Everviz team is now singularly focused on growing a business that targets end users, while the rest of the Highcharts team returns to focusing on serving the needs of developers,” she continues.

The Visual Elements team will relocate to Bergen, and will be led by Håvard Tveit, with Kulbir Kainth as the technical lead, both formerly at Highsoft.

“It is tremendously exciting to launch a service like this in Bergen, Norway’s media capital, where so many media-tech companies have grown to become global market leaders,” says Mr. Tveit . “And having built our service on top of Highcharts, the world's most popular and robust charting library, gives us an edge in the market that is hard to replicate, he continues.

Everviz offers a multitude of licensing options, from free individual accounts to enterprise, team based accounts. To learn more about Everviz, visit www.everviz.com or contact [email protected]

About Visual Elements
Visual Elements is the company behind Everviz, formerly known as Highcharts Cloud. Everviz makes it easy for any individual and online publishers to add interactive charts to their web or mobile sites, without the need for custom development.

About Highsoft
Highsoft, founded in 2009, is the company behind the Highcharts Javascript charting library, and its siblings Highstock, Highmaps, Highcharts Gantt. Highsoft is the leading provider charting tools for the web, and is the preferred web charting engine for developers and enterprises alike, with over 80% of the world’s largest companies as customers.