Futuristic Tapas on the menu for mcb tech .18

Published 10.06.2018
– For a conference about the future, it seemed only natural to experiment a bit with futuristic foods for the menu, says Chef Kasper Vigsø Bye.

The theme for the mcb tech .18 conference is the future and its possibilities, something which also stretches into the gastronomical arena. Not only has 7 Fjell Brewery created a beer especially for this conference based on a recipe designed with the use of Artificial Intelligence, but now the culinary staff is planning what will become a legendary mingling party in the MCB Media Lab in the afternoon on June 21.

Sea Weed a Key Component
Kasper Vigsø Bye is the Food & Beverage Manager in Media City Bergen, and we meet him hard at work in the MCB kitchen. 

– Requests like this don’t happen every day, but at the same time it’s incredibly exciting. When thinking about the future, sustainability and local ingredients are very important. Seafood plays a central part – with sea weed as a key component for the conference menu. I won’t divulge more than that. We are aiming to do things people have not seen before, and the event on June 21 will guaranteed be a novel experience for most people, Kasper says, with a clever smile. 

Chef Kasper Vigsø Bye and his exotic ingredients for the futuristic tapas to be served at the mcb tech .18 conference. 

– There will be a few surprises.  And we have to have some desserts. After all, we are in Bergen!

The Conference for the Industry Leaders of Tomorrow
Mcb tech .18 is Media City Bergen’s brand new tech conference, and is a major effort within digitalization in Bergen.  The conference is a collaboration between the two clusters NCE Media/Media City Bergen and Finance Innovation. 
The program includes several international profiles and will inspire and convey knowledge about the technology trends that will impact the future across all industries – not just media and finance.  This is a conference relevant for anyone who is interested in

  • Understanding the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
  • Gaining insight into how the user experience of your services can be shaped and made stronger
  • Discover trends that will change businesses and entire industries
  • Learning how to think about strategy in a world where no one knows tomorrow

The mingling party in the MCB Media lab, where beer brewed with artificial intelligence and futuristic tapas are on the menu, is held on June 21, at the end of the first day of the conference, and is open to all registered conference delegates.