GlobalM joins the Media Cluster

Published 10.09.2020
GlobalM provides a solution for crowdsourcing news / sports content, and specializes in advanced streaming technologies for Sports, News, Business, Culture and Entertainment.
Photo: Lance Newhart (Co-founder and CEO) and Paul Calleja (Co-founder and CTO)

The company, based in Geneva, Switzerland, joined the Norwegian Media Cluster earlier this week. 

– The Norwegian Media Cluster has caught my attention on several occasions. It has a reputation for innovation and being in front, and we appreciate the advances that are being made here and in the Nordics in general. We’re excited to be a part of the Cluster, and we're looking forward to visit Media City Bergen to meet with other members of the cluster, as soon as the situation allows, says Lance Newhart, Co-founder and CEO of GlobalM.

GlobalM aims to revolutionize news and sports by enabling anyone with a smartphone to be a reporter, and to earn money from their content, embracing mobile journalism and live streaming in 1080p with sub-second latency and IP content distribution using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). 

More and more companies are going into streaming these days. By using SRT we ensure a better stream video quality than what you would normally get from satellite, with lower latency. We provide an app which is easy to start using for anyone with a smart phone, says Newhart. 

With an elastic video network, GlobalM’s solution will scale automatically with demand and deliver optimal broadcast quality video for news and sports applications. The solution also provides a platform to locate citizen and freelance journalists on a map for coverage of breaking news, planned events, and on-demand assignments.

GlobalM with actor Antonio Banderas during European Film Awards 2019 (Photo: GlobalM)

As a member of the Norwegian Media Cluster, GlobalM will have access to a wide range of services and cluster projects. 

–  We’re definitely interested in learning more about the 5G Consortium, as we have already started testing 5G with other media companies, with good results. And, excited to be part of the Journalism Lab (JoLab).  We also want to explore opportunities within the Norwegian Cognitive Center, an initiative we find especially interesting as we are currently working on our editorial verification workflow and how we will implement artificial intelligence for our team of journalists, says Newhart. 

Anne Jacobsen, CEO of Media City Bergen, is pleased to have GlobalM join the Cluster as an international associate. 

– The Norwegian Media Cluster’s aim is to empower stories, and GlobalM certainly has the right tools to enable reporters and journalists to do exactly that. Our members represent the whole value chain of the media industry, and we believe that the Media Cluster and GlobalM are a great match. We’re glad to have GlobalM on board, and we are looking forward to work with Lance and his team, says Jacobsen. 

Live from the GlobalM app. (Photo: GlobalM)

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