Accessibility: Why you need to care

Published 28.05.2018
Accessibility: The most future-focused and cutting edge web tech you may have ignored. Highsoft Core Developer Øystein Moseng is coming to mcb tech .18 to tell you why you need to care about accessibility.

Accessibility: The most future-focused and cutting-edge web tech you may have ignored
By Øystein Moseng, Highsoft

Accessibility may be web developers least favorite thing to work on. Yet, accessible tech is at the core of the most cutting edge digital information services to hit the market in recent years.

Øystein Moseng, core developer at Highsoft, will take you through the history, present and future of web accessibility, from screen readers and machine-readable visualizations, to sonification and voice interfaces, and why you need to care. Moseng will be speaking on day two of the conference. Miss this, and miss out!

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