Leadership without moral values is poor leadership

Published 10.09.2021
– Values make a clear and distinct difference when decisions are made and leadership is exercised. Efficiency and pride without moral values are dangerous.

This was the powerful message from philosopher and author Henrik Syse, as he visited Media City Bergen last week to talk about the importance of values in leadership. The event was part of Innovators Circle, the Media Cluster network for leaders. 

Henrik Syse is a sought-after keynote speaker and lecturer known for engaging his audience, and this visit was no exception. Through both recent and ancient historical examples, he discussed how leaders can structure different dilemmas and how values and ethics play a vital part in strong leadership. 

Media and ethics must go hand in hand
– The free and open press is crucial for democracy, but there are some dark clouds on the horizon. There are threats to the free press and media ethics. Therefore, it is so important that we all insist that free press and media ethics go hand in hand.  

At the end of his talk, Syse highlighted responsibility, especially leaders in the media industry, have in these demanding times we currently experience. 
– Not only do we need Norwegian leaders in the media industry to execute dignity and awareness around these challenges, but we must also offer our ongoing support to those elsewhere in the world who are threatened by oppressive and destructive forces.

About Henrik Syse
Henrik Syse is a philosopher, author, and researcher with a broad professional background. Currently, he is a senior researcher at PRIO, professor at Bjørknes Høyskole, freelancer, editor, and lecturer. He has written and edited several academic and popular science books and articles on ethics, philosophy, religion, and war.