Celebrating Female Leaders

Published 07.11.2019
INNOVATORS CIRCLE: – Transparency breeds trust. As a matter of principle, it is demanding, but transparency as value is essential to succeed as a leader in demanding situations, said Sarah C. J. Willand (Head of Communication and Organization) as she recently spoke about her TV2 management role in front of the media cluster’s network of business leaders.

Willand was recently awarded the coveted prize for Woman Media Leader of the Year.

– I hope 2020 will be the last year we need dedicated recognition for women, said Sara C. J. Willand, who has faced massive challenges and demanding situations during her time at TV 2.

– As long as we hide behind good intentions but are unable to act, such awards do have a function in highlighting good female role models. That’s why we need both focus on and goal-oriented initiatives that will recruit more women into management roles.

Woman Talent of the Year, Grethe Wiig Samdal (left), together with Hilde Sandvik and Sarah C. J. Willand.

Grethe Wiig Samdal (Head of Consumer Business in Bergens Tidende) was recently chosen as the Woman Talent of the Year. Described by her colleagues as innovative, humble, open and listening, she delivers great results together with her team, and has increased digital user revenues by impressive 43 percent in Bergens Tidende.

– My best advice to young female leaders would be to dare more. I would really encourage them to make the most of the opportunities available, Samdal said.

Christine Meyer, Professor, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Christine Meyer (Professor at NHH) contributed with her research into leadership, where she also placed special emphasis on the challenges women face in management roles. She pointed to the many dilemmas today’s managers face, especially when daily corporate operations, structure and procedures are to be managed, all the while the company is also pushing for innovative force, creativity and renewal.

The evening was rounded off by a “fireside chat”, moderated by Hilde Sandvik, who guided the participants through the conversation.

This event was part of the Innovators Circle program, an innovation network for leaders set up and hosted by the Norwegian Media Cluster.

From left: Grete Wiig Samdal, Hilde Sandvik and Sarah C. J. Willand.

The event was held in MCB Media Lab. Around 50 people attended. 

Sarah C. J. Willand, Head of Communication and Organization, TV 2.

Christine B. Meyer, Professor at NHH, engaged the audience talking about leadership dilemmas.