- Why do you want to be a leader?

Published 25.03.2019
Around fifty of Bergen’s top business executives participated in a leadership seminar in MCB Media Lab last week on invitation from the Media Cluster's "Innovators Circle" program. - A truly inspiring evening, said the CEO of Rainfall, Morten Lied.

Today's leaders face tremendous challenges where digitalization, disruption and globalization fundamentally change the rules. The need for new management tools, insight and guidance for leaders has never been more profound.

On this occasion the Media Cluster invited to a seminar with a slightly different approach to the role of the leader through the perspectives of Steinar Bjartveit, a psychologist, speaker and leadership coach. There is a hidden gem in combining classic and historical leadership perspectives with modern management theories, and based on the writings of Ibsen and Machiavelli Bjartveit gave the attendants a lot to reflect on, including the fundamental question; Why do you want to be a leader?

- This was a different and thought-provoking lecture on a topic that all leaders must relate to. There were many interesting perspectives here, and a lot of lessons to be learned from the classic literature, said Morten Lied.

- In addition, Bjartveit was a fantastic and engaging speaker. I have to say this was the best lecture in a long time. Both entertaining and educational.

Innovators Circle
The attendees were Media Cluster executives and members of the cluster's Innovators Circle program, along with other specially invited guests.

Innovators Circle is the exclusive forum where visionary executives in all businesses connect with leaders from the Media Cluster, as well as leaders from several other sectors and industries, such as finance, health care, public utilities, education, consulting, maritime, offshore and more. Today leaders in all businesses face the same challenges when it comes to digitalization, visualization, AI, augmented reality and rapid business development. Several of the Media Cluster companies are world leaders in these fields.

Innovators Circle members have access to exclusive content and activities, and can attend networking events, business forums, workshops and roundtables throughout the year to meet with world leading and inspiring speakers, leaders and coaches. Innovator Circle leaders can also join C-level seminars and study tours, and may use the MCB Media Lab to run and host their own events in collaboration with the Cluster organization. 

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