MCB Expo reached an international audience with innovations from the Norwegian Media Cluster

Published 15.12.2021
Nineteen of the Media Cluster Companies joined a packed audience in Oslo, Bergen and online to demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions for the media industry recently. MCB Expo was set up to respond to IBC in Amsterdam, The International Broadcasting Convention, being canceled due to Covid.

The annual IBC is an important arena for the Norwegian Media Cluster. It is one of the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology shows, and usually attracts more than 50.000 attendees from around the world. The Media City Bergen Village at IBC normally brings 15-20 different companies to the expo under one umbrella to showcase the latest innovations from the Media Cluster.

As IBC was canceled, the Media Cluster turned to new tools and technology to connect different venues both on-site and online, and to create a virtual expo to showcase new innovations, solutions, and products. The audience could see presentations from Oslo, Bergen, London, Brussels, Stockholm, and Ålesund - all linked together in a new platform at the crossroads and intersection of physical, digital, and virtual solutions. This was done in real-time, with high-quality video and low latency, to make a far more enjoyable experience of community and interaction than the "traditional" zoom and team platforms.

With MCB Expo, Media City Bergen also completed a new milestone of an extensive innovation project supported by Bergen Municipality and Vestland County Municipality, aiming to create new virtual arenas for meetings where we can limit travel and have greener conversations.

See the completely MCB Expo here:  

Solutions form the Norwegian Media Cluster

5G is expected to revolutionize the broadcast industry. NRK presented how they are approaching this technology and how they can benefit from it in the future. Contact erik.vold(a) if you want to know more.

Find your perfect sound in the massive Soundly cloud library, use their powerful search engine on your local files, and Drag&Drop sounds to your favorite tools. Contact mail(a) for more information.

VUU helps streaming services stand out in a crowded market. Satisfy your viewers' curiosity by instantly giving them answers, trivia, and related content, on-screen and in-app, in real-time. Christian(a) is happy to answer any questions you might have about Vuu.

Camera robotics is undoubtedly the future of efficient studio production, and Electric Friends is leading the way. With multiple exciting projects with big international customers and a new software tool, you can defiantly say that they a lot going on. Even though they can't reveille all of their plans, they are eager to talk more about their products; contact bni(a) to learn more.

Monitoring 29.600 radio channels worldwide, from mainstream to grassroots stations, MusicDNA is the affordable solution for all music enterprises to gather vital music data globally. They have 1 of 3 of the greatest artists in the world as their customers and are continuously growing. MusicDNA has helped multiple artists claim the royalties they did not receive due to lack of transparency, inaccuracy, and corruption. They see a great opportunity for growth going further, and dagfinn(a) are available to answer any questions you might have about MusicDNA.

Wolftech is a multiplatform planning and publishing for sport-, news-, and entertainment production. With a different approach than traditional newsroom and production-planning systems, Wolftech guide stories and projects from initial idea all the way through the entire process to multiplatform publishing. The focus is on planning, using resources, and allowing the whole organization to collaborate. By using Wolftech, media companies will be empowering multiplatform publishing easily and cost-effectively. Feel free to reach out to brendan(a) if you want to learn more.

Sixty are a future proof provider of highly customizable functionality and metadata for smart TVs and set-top boxes. They focus on value maximisation through great user experiences, interaction, and personalisation. Ease TV is a turn-key UI that enhances your TV offering. Want to know more about Sixty? Contact gary.ellis(a)

Faster, greener, money-saving, flexible, and these days, Covid friendly. Quine delivers a ground-breaking, fast, and connected Production Asset Management System (PAM) for local and distributed production. Their product makes it possible to collaborate with participants working from anywhere. This year they have participated in over 80 productions, including NRK's traditional Christmas calendar. Contact gunleik(a) to learn more about how Quine can make your next production more efficient.

Mjoll facilitates AI in Media Production to make everyday life for producers, journalists, and video editors more efficient. Their award-winning workflow tool, Mimir, is a cloud-native production asset management system for automating several time-consuming tasks such as multi-language translation, transcription, and event tagging. It's an easy-to-use tool for video content creators which harnesses the power of market-leading AI services to make your archives searchable automatically and therefore more valuable. Mimir has recently released new features for live, with support for growing files, cloud ingest scheduling, streaming directly into Mimir, and more. Visit Mjoll to learn more.

DiNA by 7Mountains is a cloud newsroom tool changing how journalists and storytellers work worldwide. DiNA brings editorial teams from linear, social media, web, and magazine departments into one unified tool that can be accessed from anywhere and as easy to use as Facebook. With DiNA you plan, create, and publish your stories from one tool. Visit 7Mountains to learn more.

STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media), is an EU-supported project, with its piloting and acceleration program, bringing together start-ups, scale-ups, investors, and media organizations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions. Learn more about how STADIEM can make you succeed through excellent teamwork here!

Are you interested in understanding the world we live in and seeing the connections in the media landscape around you? Then Web 64 is a good place to start. By collecting all the information published online, in the counties where Web 64 operate, they make a graph showing all the connection between the content, who is publishing, and where it is being shared. This dataset powers the products that Web 64 is providing. Early next year Web 64 is launching a new tool; contact hi(a) to learn more.

Before every movie and TV series is released to be enjoyed by the public, content must be checked, controlled, and adjusted to different audiences, markets and regulations. Violence, nudity, rude language, and ads must be detected and checked. This is a highly time-consuming and often painful process for the compliance team. Visualyst aims to transform this process - getting the content available for you to watch quicker than ever before! By delivering a revolutionary tool, they're automating the process of compliance by using AI, making for faster and more accurate compliance checks. These days they are working on new features to make the range of the compliance checks even more comprehensive; contact CEO and founder Miguel(a) to learn more.

StormGeo, a global leader in weather intelligence and advanced data science solutions, is introducing StormGeo Studio. StormGeo Studio provides an affordable and flexible solution for media outlets to create custom weather graphics. Developed with award-winning Singular.Live technology, the platform is cloud and subscription-based and helps you unlock the full power of your weather stories in today's media landscape. StormGeo Studio allows you to visualize detailed local weather forecasts, share tweets, track large-scale weather systems worldwide – your own weather in a box.

Are you a broadcaster or media provider with a streaming service, or maybe you are thinking about starting one? Then you have come to the right place. Vimond has everything you need to build a scalable, reliable, and profitable video streaming service. Vimond is ready to tell you all about the features you need today, plus those you'll need in the future; contact sales(a)

Sharing your data through attractive, interactive charts and maps are now simpler than ever. Make your message easier to understand and act upon - no coding or design skills required! Everviz takes your data and turns it into stunning visualization. If you want to learn more about how Everviz can make your data shine, contact hello(a)

Engage your audience and create new revenue streams by adding interactive experiences to your existing OTT service and apps. Ease Live provides interactivity for your viewers with live voting, polls, up-to-date sports stats, and rich media content - all in sync with your video distribution and rendered on the edge. ketil(a) is ready to take you for a tour in the Ease Live universe and show how to engage your audience.

Autonomous camera systems are the air that Bergen Robotics breaths. Their primary product is AutoSensor. AutoSensor is a platform for Autonomous Camera Systems that uses fixed and steerable sensors combined with robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms to capture context and details autonomously. The team at Bergen Robotics is getting ready to enable their AI and robotics software to track sports. Contact njb(a) and learn how you can use their product to work faster, safer, greener, better, and more flexible.