Media City Bergen to partner with Rebel

Published 04.03.2021
This will provide for many new opportunities for the two hubs members in Oslo and Bergen, including access to useful resources, joint events, and networks.

Rebel opens in the autumn of 2021 in the city center of Oslo. They will gather 1500 talented techies to be an internationally leading competence hub for the software and technology industry. Rebel is all about "technology for good," cutting-edge sustainable solutions applied to today's challenges, and an environment free of silo thinking - open for innovation and collaboration.

Rebel will be a place where communities thrive, and they will host a lot of physical, digital, and hybrid events. There will be a maker space and innovation lab, as well as places to meet, hangout, expo, and have a coffee or drink - with the best wince cellar in town. This will be an arena for adventures - around the clock, all year round.

MCB members in Oslo

The Norwegian Media Cluster is headquartered in Bergen and is an internationally leading environment with major global positions in media technology. The Cluster has cutting-edge expertise in graphics, AR/VR, virtual studios, digital infrastructure/distribution, AI, and various digital and visual storytelling tools. The media cluster consists of 100 members, of which a quarter are located in the HQ Media City Bergen. As a National Center of Competence (NCE Media) in media and media technology, NCE Media works closely with members all over the country, as well as a substantial international network. Currently, 15 Media Cluster members are located in Oslo, in addition to national members like NRK, TV 2, and IBM.

The Media Cluster also houses the Norwegian Cognitive Center (NCC), an interdisciplinary consortium for applied AI aimed at all industries, with both public and private sectors and large academic institutions as partners. IBM is the chosen technology partner. NCC also has a collaboration with Digital Norway and NORA.

New opportunities

The collaboration and partnership between Rebel and MCB will provide many opportunities for members of the two hubs. The MCB staff will be present on-site at Rebel regularly and hold various events there with the Rebel team. NCC will also have a presence at Rebel, with a unique opportunity for Rebel members to take advantage of a highly competent AI environment with premium resources. And, of course - Rebels are welcome to Bergen and the Media Cluster HQ. 

In the long term, the ambitions are to establish an interconnected infrastructure between MCB in Bergen and Rebel in Oslo, with joint solutions for cost-effective remote production with virtual studios available for Rebel and Media City members.

It is no secret that Rebel is inspired by what Media City Bergen and its members have achieved.

– That is why it's completely in line with the rebellious spirit for Rebel and our members to enter into a collaboration where we can learn from each other and make each other even better, says Peter Jetzel, Chief Rebel.

- The collaboration will focus on building bridges and forging closer ties between our communities, accelerating mutual knowledge sharing, and working together to improve service and product development. We look forward to getting started and getting to know more about all the exciting businesses in MCB, he continues.

– A mindset that suits us

– It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know the Rebel team and work out plans for our collaboration, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of the Norwegian Media Cluster.

Rebel has high ambitions, lots of energy, and tons of great ideas - a mindset that suits the Media Cluster Members well. This provides new opportunities for the involved companies and will also be a learning platform for both hubs.

The collaboration kicks off with a joint Show&Tell where Media City Bergen and Rebel, as well as selected companies in the two hubs, will introduce themselves to one another. This event will be open to all. Stay tuned for more info.