Meet our new intern

Published 21.08.2020
Johannes Lien is currently studying for a degree in Master of Science in business, with a major in Leadership and Change at the BI Norwegian Business School. Johannes will spend his internship in the Media Cluster for the next eight weeks.

Johannes started his internship in the Norwegian Media Cluster last week, and has spent his time getting to know the cluster organization, the cluster members, and how the members collaborate to boost innovation in the media industry. During his internship, Johannes will be involved in a number of different projects, events, and he will get insight in the work NCE Media does for the various members in the cluster.

Johannes is 24 years old and is born and raised in Bergen. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the BI Norwegian Business School in Bergen and is now in his third semester in the MSc. programme in business with a major in Leadership and Change. The programme, which has been developed in close collaboration with NCE Media and other clusters, aims to equip students with the competence to lead, and manage rapid change. 

As part of the study program, students have the opportunity to seek internships within different sectors. The media industry was Johannes' top choice. 

– The ongoing master's degree in Leadership and Change has covered exciting subjects about innovation, management, and internationalization, and I'm very pleased that I get to spend my internship with NCE Media in Media City Bergen. I look forward to getting hands-on experience working on different projects and seeing the difference in theory vs. practice.

A visit to Media City Bergen last year piqued Johannes' interest for the media industry. 

– Last semester, BI Business School gave us students the opportunity to visit Media City Bergen and meet the different companies located here. This visit gave me the opportunity to work together with some of the cluster members in a couple of project assignments. This collaboration has helped me get insight into the need for change in the media industry and the many opportunities that lie here. NCE Media, as the innovation engine for the cluster, is currently working on several exciting and innovative projects, which is right up my alley.

I see the internship as the perfect opportunity to establish a network, work with talented people, and learn about new and upcoming technology in the media industry.

Besides his studies, Johannes is employed as a waiter/bartender at USF Verftet and as a student assistant at BI. As a student assistant, he helps promote the master's program at BI, traveling around Norway, visiting various universities. Johannes has previously worked as an HR-consultant at Beerenberg, an oil-service company, where his tasks included assistance with employment contracts, travel expenses, registered working hours of the employees, and managed the master list of new employees for a future project. When he's not studying or at work, Johannes enjoys spending time with friends and family.

If you would like to have a chat with Johannes, shoot him an email at [email protected]